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From Benjamin Mataruse Mon Apr 19 08:54:27 2010
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From Benjamin/Sonia

We knew is wrong to contact you through this means but we are desperate and our present condition now is too frustrating, that was why we use this medium to fasting up our request.

I am Benjamin Peter Mataruse, the son of the late asassinated senator,Peter Mataruse of zimbabwe . We am presently in Abidjan, capital city of. Cote D'Ivoire(Ivory Coast )in west africa with my junior sister,Sonia Mataruse,for the past two months now. We want you to assist us provide a bank account either new or old ,so that the bank here will transfer our father's money into your account in your country and also take me and my sister out of this country.

Why we contacted you is that we went to the bank to withdraw this money since our late father use my name as the next of kin to the deposit, but were told by the bank director that my late father made an agreement with them that i have to get to the age of 25yrs before i can make claim of the money or alternatively i should provide a guardian who can make the claim on my behalf and that was why i contacted you.

The amount involved is US$7,000,000.000 (SEVEN MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS) and We will be glad to offer you 15% of the total sum for assisting us.
We beg for the confidentiality of this message as we also wait for your urgent reply.

Yours sincerely
Benjamin and Sonia Mataruse

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