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From Masaru Isamu Mon Apr 19 08:14:01 2010
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I am a Chinese by origin but nationalized in Britain. I am an account director with one of the commercial/investment bank in United Kingdom. As a matter of security concern i don't want to mention the name of the bank to you until i have your co-operation to avoid security risk. I am writing to solicit your assistance on an Escrow account fund.
This escrow account deposits was made by the family of former Iraq leader with false names and identities to avoid seizure or forfeiture by the government.
I was then the director of escrow accounts and knew about this fund which i have monitored and kept secret to me for 13years.This fund was pulled from other accounts into the escrow account. The total amount in the escrow account is $67M.

In order to safeguard this money and avoid the suspicions of the bank management i have been running the escrow account by renewing the deposit agreement with the names to show that the owners are still interested in maintaining the account. Now i am about to retire and after my retirement i can no longer continue to renew the account.
As an account officer to this account i can not withdraw money from the accounts without the knowledge and permission an operation manager of the account. The only way i can withdraw money from this account legally is by legalizing an individual the operation manager for the owners of the account and allow him to withdraw from it. As i cannot directly withdraw money from this account thus I am impelled to request for your assistance to legalize you as operation manager to the owners of the escrow account thereby giving you the legal authority for withdrawal of this amount.
Now i want you to receive this money into your bank account. I will give 35% of this fund to you while 65% shall be for me after settling all the incurable expenses.

I have all the documented evidences and details of this account to show you in our next correspondence. The evidences clearly show every transaction details since 13years now on how money was deposited and withdrawn from the account 13 years ago. These statements of the account are easily confirmable by any bank in the world including yours if you desire as it can be ascertained online by you. I am
assuring you of my utmost sincerity and trust and i expect same from you.

I also need to stress that there are practically no risk involved in this as long as we maintain strict honest among ourselves and keep the information to ourselves. It is going to be a bank-to-bank transfer to your nominated bank account anywhere you feel safer. I am going to contract an international attorney to process the legal documents to validate you as the operation manager of the fund in the escrow account. To begin he will need your full names, age status, marital status, mailing address, country of origin, a scanned copy of your identity card, it could be your international passport, or work identity card, your direct phone numbers preferably your cell phone number in order to maintain adequate confidentiality and your country of origin.
I want you to understand I have approached you in this manner to maintain confidentiality.
I have concluded to give you 18% of the total amount and also have you as the investment manager for the uses of this fund.
All I need from you is total co-operation, confidentiality and honesty. I will appreciate your timely response.

With regards,

I am waiting your reply.


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