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For introduction,I am a top government functionary in my country. Presently I am the financial controller in the Federal Ministry of Finance of my country.

My Responsibility includes approving and paying off bills on behalf of my government to various international companies that have executed contracts for the government of my country.

Yearly funds are allocated to my department for purpose of paying the government bills.Last year 2007, after paying the government bills, I still had the sum of (US$18,000,000.00) Eighteen Million US Dollars remaining in the volt account.

This balance of money was due to the reckless calculation of the Accountant General office that over calculated the past year bills and payments.As it is now , it is believed that I have paid the bills but in reality the exccess of US$18,000,000.00 is in my posssession up till now.

Since this fund is not known to any person, I decided to hold it and never to return it back to the Federation account.Because I am a civil servant, it is not easy for me to keep this US$18,000,000.00 in my local account as it will raise suspicion due to the fact that I am a standard salary earner and my salary for 100 years cannot amount to such money (US$18M).So if I keep the US$18,000,000 in my local account, it will be discovered.

It is best that I send the money to a foreign account.Presently, I have moved the US$18,000,000 into a suspense account.

All through my life, I have been a civil servant so I have no opportunity to have access to a foreign account where I can keep this fund.So I am delibrately contacting you to invite you to be my partner to provide for me an account where I can send this money for safe keeping so my government will not know about it.I have all the logistics to pay in this money into your bank account without any hinderance.

I know that your role in this matter is of importance, therefore I have considered a fair compensation to you.I have personally decided to give to you 30% of the US$18,000,000 after you help me receive this money.

I will give you more details of this fund transfer after I receive your reply confirming your interest.

Please I am most concerned about keeping this information secret.

Alfred Ibru.

Tel 234-087-627-6517

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