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#27319 by thunder Sun Apr 25, 2010 1:54 pm
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
From: Miss Victoria Fernidnand Marcos <[email protected]>


Hello Dear,

I am very great full for your urgent response,like what i use to say knowing a person does not take one year but just a day, God is merciful infarct you are his sent ,MORE OF ME:-- l am still single no kids, l have my PhD in business admin in the university of manila here in Philippines where l gain my political awareness and was invited to the political parliamentary house as a students in 2000 for a speech on governments and business and after my education l was give a set in the governmental agricultural export investing project because of my intelligent,handwork and versatility and from there l gain the heart of some political giants in my country and my late father influence also contributed to my success in life, but Mr Narciso Nario wants to make thing difficult for me.

All l need from you is your little liaison with the security company to the success of this transaction who will ship the box to your door stop even to any destination or distance and then help me keep the box in a safe place until i decide what to do next or go into joint investments with you with this money, Even if you do not want to invest with me you can help me retrieve the box from them and kept it for me, for the safety of this box i want it to relocate to another environments entirely although the security company does not know that the box contains money only you and i, the box was deposited as family valuables by me and not money it was deposited as FAMILY VALUABLES so your claim from the security company is my family valuables not box of money,I deposited it as family valuables so that it cannot be traced by anybody.

Could you believe that all my late father's access has been seized by these people even my bank account has been frozen, i do not know where to turn to for help anybody i approach for help wants to sleep with me or tell me that i should go away and i do not want them to frustrate me here then i said to myself why should i suffer when i still have some access out there, that is why i have come you to help me make claim on this said box so that i will join you, I am doing this base on trust which I want to give to you and I hope you will not betray me or abound one me half way which is my fear i HAVE GONE THROUGH LOTS OF HARDSHIP in the hand of Mr.Narciso Nario and i want to escape from here to where you live to start a new life, if you could see my situation you will not hesitate to help me. will not see you as a total stranger anymore,but as a business partner or some one that wants to help me.

Right now I am still surveillance and i am limited to communication that is why I want us to do this in a low profile with email, you may let me have your phone number i may call you if i have little space, it will take three working days for the diplomats to ship the box to your country at the address you will provide for them or any address or country you want them to ship it to like what you would know on it is 100% risk free and very legal provided you keep it to yourself until the box finally gets to you and i joined you or give further instructions on my next step.

I want you to give me the full assurance to help me retrieve this funds or invest and promise me that you will not abandoned me half way to trust me as I want to trust you with all my heart and you will not betray me at the end when the money comes to you,then I will give you all the details of the security company and what you need and what to do.I will be expecting your mail with Love,hope and full confidence to help me so that I can give you all the details on what to do. Expecting your mail for more detail.

With Love,
Miss Imee Victoria Ferdinand Marcos.

#27332 by The Enchantress Sun Apr 25, 2010 3:36 pm
Welcome to Scamwarners thunder.

Thank You for posting this information - it will alert and save others from being scammed.

Well Done :=)

Noted these other messages sent by this scammer;

I am simple down to earth person who is almost self-made I should say someone who believes that life is indeed an evolution from one spectrum to other? If one lives it with honesty and sincerity we can gain the happiness what we seek, coz its just with in us. Victoria Marcos

Hello Dear,

This might surprise you because we have not meet neither in person nor by correspondence,but I believe that it takes one day to know someone either physically or through correspondence but believing that you could be of great assistance to me which is very urgent and important.My names is Imee Victoria F. Marcos the daughter of Ferdinand Marcos family,the 6th President Republic of philippines February 25,1986, until his death in September 28,1989 I am talking of my Father the late deposed President Ferdinand Marcos,it is heard to explain to you, but I need your help urgently.One Mr.Narciso Nario,a commissioner with the Presidential Commission on Good Government want to kill me because i refused to go into sex and relationship with him so he has vow to exposed all the wealth my late father left behind for me and my generation.My main purpose of disclose all this to you in confidential is for you to help me relocate of this funds($17.5m usd )concealed in metallic truck box over there in remote country in West Africa unknown to Mr.Narciso Nario and my government.The fact is that I had discussed with the security companys director that it will be my foreign business partner that may contact them to retrieve the said truck box on my behalf,all i do is been monitored by this man whom I refused to give or sell my body to I am doing this base on trust that you will not betray me or expose me,as l await your response for more information.: [email protected]


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