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Dear ,My name is MR.Don Ben,I work with Company here in United Kingdom.I wish you to help me lay claims to balance funds derived from a contract executed by one of our contractors.The total contract sum was US$158,109,000 and US$140,000,000 has already been paid. Leaving a balance of US$18,109,000.It is my intention to form a company with you when the funds are paid to you.My area of interest is business investment I will like you to send me your information’s such as Full Names, Phone and Cell Phone Numbers, Address, Your Company Name and Address and your ID for identification, with this information’s I will be applying for the release of the fund in your name. I will also like you to tell me the best method you think will be best for me to transfer the money, I do not want to work on this all alone, and this is some thing we have to share ideas to make sure that the transfer is successful THANKS Don Ben

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