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From Fred Ahmed Wed Apr 28 15:07:28 2010
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Dear Friend

I am Mr. Fred Ahmed I'm seeking your consent to present you as the next of kin to a deceased customer of our bank who died years back without any established heirs so that the bank will not confiscate his deposit of (US$9.2M) and return it to the Government of Benin.

Also note that the deceased deposit has an open beneficiary and any foreigner can put claim over the fund irrespective of your tribe, names and religion provided you have the secret information on the security file jacket of the deceased deposit which I will furnish to You upon demand by authorities of my bank.

I am only contacting you as a foreigner because these funds cannot be approved to a local Bank here but can only be approved to any foreign bank account because the money is in US Dollar account and the former owner of the account is a foreigner too. My aim is to source a honest and trustworthy individual to whom I can entrust these funds and who will act as trustee pending my arrival in your country since my period of disengagement from service is near.

More details will be given to you as soon as you reply on my private email [email protected]


Fredrick Ahmed

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