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#209651 by buried under 419s Thu Jul 10, 2014 3:20 am
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I am a banker with HSBC in Malta. I have an interesting business proposal for you that will be of immense benefit to both of us. Although this may be hard for you to believe, we stand to gain 7.2 million USD between us in a matter of days. Please grant me the benefit of doubt and hear me out. if interested Do contact me only at my private email address: [email protected] Best Regards.

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#210957 by AlanJones Sat Jul 19, 2014 5:35 am
Main emails come from HSBC MALTA - [email protected]

Greetings and thanks for your response to my email. My name is Ramon Schmidt and I’m head of personal financial services at HSBC Malta headquarters. As a banker, I am aware of the various atrocities and scams propagated over the internet but please this is not of such. I am only contacting you in desperation out of the reality of the circumstances and dilemma that I find myself. I was the personal account officer and also, acquaintance to a certain customer of this bank (HSBC, Malta) who was an independent oil contractor here in Malta but died in the tsunami of 26th December 2004 in Indonesia. He and his entire family were killed in that disaster that shook the world. He operated a domiciliary investment account with our private banking division and that account was one of numerous accounts assigned to me. The balance in the account was $6.5 million USD when he died but accrued interest over the past years to a little over 7.2 million USD in the last quarter of 2010. Before I continue, let me sensitize you with one law in the Malta banking act. It stipulates that any such funds owned by a deceased customer in the banking system must be brought to the notice of the government and subsequently taken over by the government if at the expiration of 6 years no valid beneficiary or next of kin applies for claim of such funds. The next of kin to the account was his eldest daughter as his wife died of cancer several years ago and he didn’t re-marry. The most tragic part of it all is that he died along with his entire family (i.e. that same daughter listed as his next of kin and his son).

As the relationship officer to the deceased customer, my bank appointed me to oversee that a relative of his that can qualify as next of kin is appointed so that they can take over the funds as inheritance. So, since the death of the deceased customer, I have written several letters to your country's embassy with the intent to trace and locate any of his extended relatives to whom shall be bestowed upon as claimants/beneficiaries of his abandoned personal funds in the custody of my bank, but all such efforts have been to no avail. So this was the situation with the deceased customer who coincidentally happens to share similar details with you. This is why I am reaching out to you so desperately.

Because the funds was to be taken over by the government as prescribed in the banking act due to our inability to get a next of kin for the deceased account by the government. I had to initiate a transfer of the entire funds in the account and retired it before it becomes too late. This became necessary as the fund in the deceased account was almost due for scheduling as unclaimed inheritance to the coffers of the Maltese government as funds from an unclaimed estate. So I had to make a closure on the deceased account and subsequently transferred the entire sum therein to a number account in the private banking arm of Standard Chartered Private Bank (SC PB) in London, the United Kingdom because the foreclosure and eventual remittance of the funds to the Maltese government was then due in a matter of weeks. If I hadn’t done that, the funds would have become the governments. I couldn’t just sit and watch as all they would have used the money for is probably to fund other courses that will not be in the interest of the deceased customer. I saved the situation with that action of transferring that fund out of my banks system to the number account (It’s a secret account that uses only numbers and not names) in Standard Chartered Private bank, London that I had arranged and setup for that reason. This kind of account is quite common with Swiss banking. I did all these because there was still no valid beneficiary or next of kin to the funds.

After I had the funds transferred from my bank, I went into extensive research to look for at least any relative to the deceased but still there was just no lead. I even had to employ the services of a private investigator and the result was the same as before; no trace of Kin.

Now another problem has arisen although I expected it. Standard Chartered Private Bank sent us a notice about a week ago stating that a beneficiary hasn’t yet applied for the transfer of 7.2 million USD in their custody which I had made from my bank here in Malta. They wrote that they are obligated to reverse the transfer if no beneficiary applies for the funds within the next 21 days. I can’t afford to let this happen as the funds will come back to my bank and be declared as profit at the end of the year.

This now brings us to what I desperately need you for as you should have begun by now to put together the general direction of what I now propose. I NEED YOU TO APPLY FOR THE FUNDS with Standard Chartered Bank London! I will arrange all the paperwork including probate and give you all the information you will need including the transfer control keys which proves to Standard Chartered Private Bank that you are indeed the beneficiary to the transfer. I assure you that we can have the entire 7.2 million USD to your name within the next 48 banking hours if you’ll grant your consent to this project and follow my instructions to the letter. There is entirely no risk to us in this project as it’s already a concluded matter at my bank. All that’s remaining for me to do is write a report that I was able to get a valid next of kin (which shall be you) for the funds and backing it up with a letter of probate from a High Court of Justice here in Malta.

Upon the receipt of your reply, I will send you by E-mail the next step to take to facilitate this transaction in the shortest possible time. I will not fail to bring to your notice that this proposal shall be entirely hitch-free and legally conducted. You should not entertain any fears as the required arrangements have been planned by me for the completion of this project. If you choose to do this with me, I propose that 50%(subject to review by you as you shall legally be in control of the his estate) of the proceed of this project shall go into a foundation in the name of the deceased customer to be overseen by me and you and, that the remaining 50% shall be shared between us in equal ratios as commission for our work. Please bear in mind that if you don’t do this project with me, the funds will be returned to my bank and there will never be any mention of the name of the deceased customer and that of his family.

You should not entertain any fears as the required arrangements have been planned by me for the completion of this project. So, what I need from you now in your reply email are:

(1) Your exact full names (First Name, Middle Name and Last name)
(2) Your current residential address
(3) Your residential address as at December 2004 if different from your current address.

I need to harmonize them with my records. PLEASE SEND THEM IMMEDIATELY YOU GET THIS EMAIL.

I am aware of the consequences of this proposal. I ask that if you find no interest in this project that you should discard this mail. I ask that you do not be vindictive and destructive. If my offer is of no appeal to you, delete this message and forget I ever contacted you. Do not destroy my career because you do not approve of my proposal.

You may not know this, but people like me in this kind of situation have made tidy sums out of comparable situations like this and they run the whole private banking sector. I am not a criminal and what I do, I do not find against good conscience, this may be hard for you to understand, but the dynamics of my industry dictates that I make this move. Such opportunities only come ones' way once in a lifetime. I cannot let this chance pass me by, for once I find myself in total control of my destiny. These chances won’t pass me by. I ask that you do not destroy my chance, if you will not work with me let me know and let me move on with my life but do not destroy me. I am a family man and this is an opportunity to provide them with new opportunities. There is a reward for this project and it is a task well worth undertaking. I have evaluated the risks and the only risk I have here is from you refusing to work with me and alerting my bank. I am the only one who knows of this situation, good fortune has blessed you with a name that has planted you into the center of relevance in my life. Let’s share the blessing. If you find yourself able to work with me, contact me through this same email account. If you give me positive signals, I will initiate this process towards a conclusion. I wish to inform you that should you contact me via official channels; I will deny knowing you and about this project. I repeat, I do not want you contacting me through my official phone lines nor do I want you contacting me through my official email account. Contact me only through the numbers I will provide for you and also through this email address. I do not want any direct link between you and me. My official lines are not secure lines as they are periodically monitored to assess our level of customer care in line with our Total Quality Management Policy.

Please observe this instruction religiously. Please, again, note I am a family man; I have a wife and children. I send you this mail not without a measure of fear as to what the consequences, but I know within me that nothing ventured is nothing gained and that success and riches never come easy or on a platter of gold. This is the one truth I have learnt from my private banking clients. Do not betray my confidence. If we can be of one accord, we should plan a meeting, soon.

So all I require from you is your consent and solemn confidentiality on this from you as it shall remain our secret forever. Deals like this takes place every day in the banking world and the reason you never hear about them is because they never fail. The world of private banking especially is fraught with huge rewards for those who occupy certain offices and oversee certain portfolios. This is a one in a lifetime chance for both me and you. Please don’t fail me.

Yours Sincerely

Ramon Schmidt

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#210959 by AlanJones Sat Jul 19, 2014 5:36 am
I have just emailed you with an introduction to the project I wrote about in my first email to you. The email is quite lengthy and your email system might easily mistake it as junk or spam email. So I need you to check your bulk, junk or spam email folders for the email. Its subject is “Thank you for your response to my email/Further information about the project!” and it’s from this very email account. Please read and understand it in its entirety. Then, be sure to reply with your full names, current address and your address in the year 2004 as I did request in that email. Cheers.

Ramon Schmidt

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#210973 by AlanJones Sat Jul 19, 2014 8:46 am
Dear XXX,

How are you doing? Great I suppose! Thanks for choosing to do this project, you will never regret this decision you’ve made because we are truly doing the right thing. Also, thanks for the information you sent of yourself. I have now harmonized them with our record here at my bank. Everything is just perfect as there’s no call for apprehension now. Everything is under control and there is absolutely no risk because our record now proves you as the valid next of kin and beneficiary to the funds I transferred to Standard Chartered Private Bank, United Kingdom. After you respond to this email I will be sending instructions to you with secret numbers. Those shall be the information you’ll be making available to Standard Chartered Private Bank for them to authenticate you as the beneficiary to the wire remittance that I made to that bank. It’s that simple. All you need do from then onwards is to always consult with me and follow my instructions as we proceed so that there won’t be any mistakes. Also, once again I expect our correspondence to be 100% CONFIDENTIAL, this is because of the nature and circumstances of this project. May I have your word(s) on that, please?

I will not attempt to contact you by phone or fax except it's very important. As a matter of caution, it’s very important that I and you are not linked in anyway except maybe on an official level. Even this email address I am contacting you with is an anonymous one that can't be traced to me in anyway. You are the only that I communicate with this email as no one else has this my email address except you.

For an even better understanding of ourselves, I will like to know the following:

(1) Your occupation and how old you are.
(2) Assurance that I can get your total devotion and trust to see this through? I know we have not met before, but I am very confident that we will be able to establish the necessary trust that we need to execute this project if we put our heart to it.
(3)Have you handled large amount of funds before?
(4) Do you have the ability to open strategic accounts within or outside your country for the purpose of safe guarding the funds?
(5) Can you truly keep this to yourself only? Even keep from your partner? Till we secure the funds at least. Can you do that?

Please, once again, ensure that you keep this project confidential; do not discuss it with anybody because of its nature. It's going to be our secret forever.

For your perusal and as a gesture of my sincerity and dedication to this project, I’m attaching a scanned photograph of me and also that of my international passport. Please send same of yourself too. Any ID at all will just be okay. I’m sorry but I need to be 100% sure that I’m dealing with the right person. This is for my protection please.

Yours Sincerely

Ramon Schmidt

Image Image

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#211271 by AlanJones Mon Jul 21, 2014 1:11 pm
Dear XXX,

Thanks for answering my questions. Your answers are adequate. I appreciate you telling me about yourself. We'll soon have enough money to do most of our desires, I promise you that. I have a lovely family that I will want you to meet as soon as we conclude this project. I see my family and yours sitting down someday soon enjoying the benefits of this project we are currently executing. Once again thanks for doing this with me. Ours will be a lifetime friendship.

I also received your ID and I must appreciate the work and time you are putting into this project too. Thanks for everything and your belief in me and the project. I promise you'll never regret it and we will be thankful to each other for making it possible. I will be sending you sensitive bank information and documents for you to apply for the USD $7.2 million that I transferred. I will be sending all that you shall need to apply for the funds successfully. All that the beneficiary bank needs is the transfer keys. The fact that you will be sending them the correct keys and transfer slips from my bank actually confirms you as the beneficiary to the funds.

Today, I harmonized our record here at the bank with your details as sent by you to me, so there’s no reason for any apprehension as the entire project is as perfect as it can just be. Copies have also been sent to the transferee bank in London. I am currently waiting for them to acknowledge its receipt and approval. I will be sending all you will require in my next email to you so that you can make the application for the funds without any delay with them. So, that's all that’s remaining for the funds to become ours. I will be getting back to you ASAP on this. My excitement is already building up. We shall be millionaires very very soon. Once again, thanks so much for doing this with me.


PS. Please be sure to confirm receipt of this email.

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#211474 by AlanJones Tue Jul 22, 2014 11:57 pm
Dear XXX,

All is set over here. I have update news for you as things are just on course as I planned. I have already concluded and documented the brief in regards to you been the closest kin/relative that could be tied to the deceased customer and the Standard Chartered Private Bank have acknowledged receipt of my brief to them with your details. Among the documentation is an assigned probate letter to that effect from the Maltese Royal Court of Justice in your name. The implication of this is that you are now the true legal beneficiary to the estate of the deceased since his immediate family and personally assigned next of kin are deceased too. These matters were handled as prescribed by the Maltese probate laws. So there is absolutely no reason to entertain any fears now as this project has been legally conducted and it has the full backing of the law. The only person that can ruin it for us is the deceased himself and as you know, that’s not going to happen because he’s dead. It will interest you to know that the deceased seems to have cut all communication with his extended family as he had lived in Malta for over 36 years. In his funeral guestbook, the only listed relative that came was a cousin of his who also happens to be deceased now too. So everything is just perfect as you can see. I specified in my documentation that from our diligent research, you are his cousin and closest relative that could be found alive.

In the light of these unfolding events, I will need you to please note the following:

(1) His full names where Fabian Daniel XXX and he resided in Valletta until his death.

(2) His parents are late also. His mother died in 1981 and his father in 1990. Their names were Patrick and Joan XXX.

(3) Mr. Fabian XXX died at 57 in the tsunami of December 2004 in Indonesia. He was an only child.

(4) His wife name was Suzan and they had two children. No previous marriages or children before or after. The children’s name were Yvonne and Shane (they were 16 and 13 respectively when they died alongside their father in that tsunami of 2004)

(5) Mr. XXX was an oil dealer and contractor to British Petroleum here in Malta.

No one will be asking you of any of these as the probate documents amongst other documents have already given you the legal right but I think it's just right that you know. Like I said, the only person that can jeopardize this deal for us is Mr. XXX himself but that won't happen so please just be confident and start making plans for the money like I am already doing. I am already working on opening offshore accounts to move my share.

I am very impressed with your forthrightness and I believe you are a very honest and sincere person who would not betray me out of my share of the money. Though I am a banker, we do not make much money here but this project gives me the chance to change all that.

Now, I’ll be giving you information about the 7.2 million USD which I transferred to Standard Chartered Private Bank in the United Kingdom in other to save the funds from takeover by the government. These are the information you are to apply for the funds with.

TRANSFERRING BANK ADDRESS: 233, Republic Street, Valletta, VLT 1116.
SENDING ACCOUNT NUMBER: 84763569920022-8
CREDIT AMOUNT: USD $ 7,211,607.78
VALUE DATE: 26-11-2009




Now, I need you to copy and send the entire information above to the number account accounts' officer at Standard Chartered Private Bank. The subject should be “APPLICATION BY NB7377 QW6722 FOR USD $ 7,211,607.78 IN NUMBER ACCOUNT 0292968-33-28” The name of the account officer for the number account is Mark Hammond. Fax it to him at +447005942334 or email at [email protected] That’s all you need to do. Once he confirms the wire transfer keys, that money in their custody becomes yours (ours). Do it right away and please do not make any mistakes. You are only known to them as "NB7377 QW6722” so you must fill the space I provided for your full names, current address and citizenship as given above. They must be as you gave it to me please so that there won’t be any discrepancies. All other documentations are in your file here at my bank. They will eventually serve as your proof for origin of funds and for tax reasons subsequently. Trust me; everything has been taking care of.

Write me back immediately you’ve emailed Mr. Hammond as instructed above. I can feel my heart racing. Today we become millionaires.

Best regards

Ramon Schmidt

PS. Don’t forget to fill out the space I provided for your full names, current contact address and citizenship. Please send me your direct numbers just in case I need to reach you urgently too.

The fake domain scpb.co.uk is in the process of being reported for fraud.

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#211525 by AlanJones Wed Jul 23, 2014 6:48 am
Dear XXX,

It's nice to know you have emailed the bank now. All we have to do now is wait to hear from them. Everything should be on the positive outlook for us now. Please be on the look out for emails or post from them. Thanks for everything my dear friend.


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#211551 by AlanJones Wed Jul 23, 2014 11:56 am
Attention: NB7377 QW6722,

Welcome to the Private Banking division of Standard Chartered Bank UK Ltd.
Your status as bona fide beneficiary to Transit Number account
0292968-33-28 have been confirmed with the control keys
1010FMMRA3008083701. As at today the 23rd day of July 2014, your inward
transfer account balance is USD $ 7,211,607.78 as correctly referenced by
you and as received from HSBC Malta Ltd. My name is Mr. Mark D. Hammond; I
am Head, Online & Specialized Banking Department of Standard Chartered
Private Bank. I will be your bank relationship officer.

As an individual and a Non-resident/citizen of the United Kingdom, you are
only qualified to open a domiciliary account in the United Kingdom. This
is as prescribed by standard UK banking guidelines issued by the Financial
Service Authority (F.S.A.) of the United Kingdom. You shall neither be
issued with cheque/pass books nor credit cards as you have the options of
operating your account via telephone or our online portal. This account is
comparable to a Swiss number account in mode of transaction and operation.
But most importantly your funds are safe and very secure till the eventual
exhaustion of the funds in the account by you.

Please find as attached to this email the necessary account opening

(1) SCPB Account Opening Forms.
(2) SCPB Account Opening Terms & Conditions.
(3) SCPB Banking Products.

Document (3) is just for your perusal but it's mandatory for you to fill,
sign and fax back document (1) and (2) to us or better still, scan and
send as an email attachment. Document (2) is our SCPB GENERAL TERMS AND
CONDITIONS document. We expect that you shall also sign and return same
along with the filled application forms (Document 1).

You must also fax or scan the below listed documentations alongside your
completed account opening application for us to process your account
opening without delay:

(i) A valid government issued identity (I.e. your driver’s
license or the bio-page of your international passport) for verification
and authentication purposes.

(ii) A Utility bill and/or bank statement with your current
residential address shown. This must have been issued to you within the
last 6 months.

As soon as you return the filled forms along with all the documentations
as listed above your account will be setup and the balance of your number
account (USD $ 7,211,607.78) shall be credited directly into your new
domiciliary account, after which all information that you might need in
operating your new domiciliary bank account with us will be sent to you
(Please send all faxes to my direct fax at +44 700 594 23 34 in case you
will be faxing).

To open and print the attached files, you will need to have adobe acrobat
reader installed in your computer. If you don't already have one, please
go to www.adobe.com for a free download.

The Opening of this account will cost you just GBP £373 and you are advise
to send the opening of account fee through Money Gram money transfer To
send this required sum from your country, do go to the nearest Money Gram
agent location in your city as we offer Money Gram money compatible
banking because of its speed and convenience, request to send GBP £373 to
our Money Gram account remittance desk exactly as given below:

Use beneficiary First Name as: Daniel
Use beneficiary Last Name as: Yeboah
Address: 1 Basinghall Avenue, London EC2V 5DD, United Kingdom
Amount: GBP £373

After the transfer must have been made by you, you should then proceed to
email us the transmission information or send us a copy of the transfer
confirmation receipt as issued to you by Money Gram. As soon as we receive
the transfer from you, your Opening of account will be processed and your
account will be setup with the total inheritance credited within 48 hours.

Finally, for the security of your funds and account, a mandatory insurance
policy is issued on the account. This is to protect your funds and
interest since you are not resident in the United Kingdom amongst other
unforeseen eventualities that might arise due to the special nature of
domiciliary accounts. The insurance also prevents any deductions to be
posted to such funds in your account until any eventual beneficiary
account you shall be remitting funds to be verified and passed to receive
the funds. This is also as prescribed by UK banking guidelines for
domiciliary account holders.

Thanks for your patience as we hope to give you a most rewarding banking
experience. If you are in need of any assistance, kindly contact me by
this email.

Yours Sincerely

Mark D. Hammond
Fax: +447005942334
Standard Chartered Private Bank PLC.
International Banking-United Kingdom
1 Basinghall Avenue, London
EC2V 5DD, United Kingdom

Any e-mail message from STANDARD CHARTERED PRIVATE BANK is sent in good
faith but shall neither be binding nor construed as constituting a
commitment by the Bank except where provided for in a written Agreement.
This e-mail is intended only for the use of the recipient(s) named above.
Any authorized disclosure, use or dissemination, either in whole or in
part, is prohibited. If you have received this E-mail in error, please
notify the sender immediately Via e-mail and delete this e-mail from your

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.
#211556 by AlanJones Wed Jul 23, 2014 12:32 pm
Attention: NB7377 QW6722,

We write to inform you that we received your email and the content is
dully noted, There is no way that we can transfer the funds to your bank
account in XXX without you opening an account with because the
funds are in a private number account which is not in your name yet so all
you have to do is for you to fill out the form and send back to with the
documents and the opening account fee require from you so that we can set
an account for you and then we will credit account in your name within 48
hours then you transfer the funds to your personal in XXX.

Yours Sincerely

Mark D. Hammond
Fax: +447005942334
Standard Chartered Private Bank PLC.
International Banking-United Kingdom
1 Basinghall Avenue, London
EC2V 5DD, United Kingdom

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.
#211717 by AlanJones Thu Jul 24, 2014 1:03 pm
From [email protected]

Attention: NB7377 QW6722,

We write to inform you that we received your email and the content is
dully noted, We have contacted the bank before now that beneificary should
claim the funds that after 21days we did not see any beneificary the funds
will be going to the UK pruse. also we are going to send email to the bank
as well.

Yours Sincerely

Mark D. Hammond
Fax: +447005942334
Standard Chartered Private Bank PLC.
International Banking-United Kingdom
1 Basinghall Avenue, London
EC2V 5DD, United Kingdom

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