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#217944 by Faizan Docherty Sat Sep 06, 2014 12:28 pm
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From: [email protected]
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Your name has been mentioned as a beneficiary of euro 18,500,000.00, consisting of by my
late client from an undisclosed bank, for reasons of privacy. Send Reply to:
([email protected]) for more details about the release of this message to you.

Steven Patrick LJ.
Esther Meir-Glitzenstein
(Announcer Publicity)

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faizandocherty @ scamwarners [dot] com

How do I find email headers???

How to analyze an email header.

#218291 by AlanJones Tue Sep 09, 2014 1:03 am
From Steven Patrick LJ - [email protected]

I appreciate your brief letter. Let me try to explain to you details of this project because it is important that you understand why you have been contacted in the first instance. I will appreciate your proper understanding in accordance of this transaction. I want you to trust me on this basis and your fullest co-operation is all we need to be able to ascertain a vivid clarity of this fund.
I am from the UK and I will be very glad to meet you in person (IF POSSIBLE)

The case of my client is an unusual one as his death was abrupt and without a will covering this sum mentioned to you. This leaves me no choice but to appoint a heir. I have the responsibility to sort out the administrative details on his death. I have his full power of Attorney to decide what happens to this legacy with strict rules and regulations known as "Rules of Intestacy". I contacted you, because, you bear same last name "Mr. Raymond XXX" I am NOT saying you are related to the Testator. This will enable me file you in as the beneficiary. All the necessary legal documentations will be in place. You are at liberty to reach the undersigned by phone in the event of further query, as this will enable me further explain the steps to be taken in realizing this project. I await your early response and there be any question, do not hesitate to ask, because, your total understanding will help to ease our further plans to actualise the goal of this transaction.

I await your quick response.

Steven Patrick LJ

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#218596 by AlanJones Thu Sep 11, 2014 1:48 am
Hello XXX,

Thank you for the mail and your understanding to this very point. First and foremost. I am glad I have such a serious, focused and understanding partner to accompany me in achieving our aim in this transaction and this is 100% legal. To solidify our below agreement on this email, A Deed of Agreement between the both of us will be prepared in the nearest future, before the funds comes into your Bank account, but, to me, I am a God Fearing fellow and I would have prefer we just know this between ourselves to share this funds equally, since, you cannot trust peoples despiracy, when it comes to money, this is the reason for this document. If you are such a person who keeps to your words and you will not at last betray me, when the inheritance gets into your Bank account, we can forget about the Deed, let me know what you think.

Be informed that I have contacted you alone and no one else, because, this is not a bonus offer; rather, it’s a deal that has to be done between both of us alone, knowing the nature of this transaction and the reason why you were contacted. With due respect again, maximum confidentiality will be highly appreciated and helpful in actualizing our target.

Having fully understood the nature of this project, I will need a valid copy of your identification to assure me of my transaction safety and trust with your partnership. This will also assure me that you are not going to betray my trust at the successful end of this deal. In that regard, I will need a photo-graphical means of identifying you.

I plead to you not to betray my trust, because, this transaction will be completed within two weeks from now if properly followed up from both end, mind you, I am entitle to 50% of this inheritance once our deal is completed, while the balance 50% will be left for you, in that case 50/50 deal. I will be sending you a scanned copy of the Bank beneficiary application form which will requires your details as the rightful beneficiary to my Late client estates, alongside with the Bank contact details in which this funds was deposited into, by my late client. So, when I send you this document, you will have it print out from your computer and then write out every detail needed on the paperwork, scan it back to your computer, you will then e-mail it to the Bank contact details I sent along with the Application form.

Please, if you have any skeptic feelings about writing you’re banking details on the application form, due to one or two reasons best known to you, I will advise you open a different account for this transaction purpose. Whatever you spent from your end in regards to this deal is never wasted, I will advise you to keep a record of it, to enable us make a deduction of any expenses incur from the total inheritance, before sharing the balance on our 50/50 deal. This is also applied to my end. Be rest assured of the 100% legibility of this project at hand, alongside with immediate understanding from the both of us, the success will be ascertained in no distance time.

I want to quickly resound to your hearing that this transaction do not call for any third party, irrespective of your relationship with the third party, this will enable us to trace any mistakes or error from both end and moreover, this is a huge sum, that cannot be opened to the Public, because, anyone outside the both of us can desperately betray us and therefore putting us to nothing. These days, we have to be careful with whoever we discuss our personal affairs with, not even a family relation; the devil can decide to use anyone to betray us if we are not careful.

I await your prompt response.

Steven Patrick LJ

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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