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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,


My name is Farida Mohamed Abujamal in Syria, and also a
reputable woman in Syrian government who deny the evil of Bashar
al-Assad's government with my family. The Syrian leader whom had bent Syrianpeople to be under his regime
when average people survive with $2 per day. The government is led by
President Bashar al-Assad, who's been in office since 2000. He took
over from his father, Hafez al-Assad, who ruled from 1971 until his
death in the year 2000

The Syrian Arab Republic's major exports in oil, cotton, clothing,
meat, wheat, fruits and vegetables in the entire surface of this earth
but the citizens live in poorest condition according to international
standard. Please I need your urgent help as Bashar Al-Assad has
continued to torment entire population and kill those who were in his
administration that denounce continuity.

I write this to see if you could help me to keep this money with you
for my Kids as most of our houses and assets is taken by Bashar
al-Assad's loyalist, with unending torture and later killings. I am
not sure if I can escape but in case anything happens to me I would
like you to help me keep Five Million United States Dollars
(US$5million) for my Kids, since I might not survive this situation aftermath.

My kids names are Fadilah and Amoudi. But my husband, Sheikh
Mohammed Abujamal(Bashar Al-Assad's Account Minister) was killed when heannounced
his resignation. What you are to do is take 30% of this money and keep
the rest for my Kids in case I couldn't escape. If you accept to help
me, please provide information on where this money would be transferred
and how you can pick up.

All Arrangement and process to transfer the money is ready. I know
this is unconstitutional asking this favor from you but being a
human being, consider Syrian people on this scenario .This is worst
tragedy and inhuman treatment and infringement in peoples life and
freedom. If you do consider helping me, email me back because I can't
answer a phone call at this juncture, as all calls is monitored by the
tyrant. I will anticipate and appreciate your immediate acceptance to
help me.

I will update you on how to get the money out from her. In the next
email I will send you my home address in case if I couldn't survive
this situation. Reply to me at my private email address
( [email protected] ) if you arewillingly to help me.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks for your good understanding

yours faithfully

Farida Mohamed Abujamal

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