Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
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Subject: We need ur help friend ( AT ) Galille Orphanage School's West Africa
Scammer's Name: Bernard Solomon

Dear Friend,

Good day we the entire family and members of christ chosen solicit for your
kindly and warly assistance . For this loved orphans .

Galilee Primary School serves over 850 children in the Soweto Slum of
yobe state chard and nigeria . Students at Galilee are orphans or
children from extreme poverty. Without Galilee, most of these children would
not receive an education.

We are hereby apealing for fund in order for us to finance the
institution, these children need your help.

This institution is a Non Governmental organisation (NGO), it was set
up to help the orphans and the less privelledge children who cannot not
afford education and other neccessary amenities.

Our main objectives is to make sure that we help those orphans and the
less privilledge ones who are in need. Many children are dying here as
a result of high poverty and negligence.

Galilee orphanage Primary school was set up to make a changs in the
life of the orphans, and we have been facing difficult chanleges on the
running of the institution. We have been having a hectic situation here
because many children have been taken into the institution, so we have
approximately 1,000 student now, and we employ more workers to the

The school exists through the support of sponsors for the children.
Sponsorship provides money necessary to hire teachers, pay rent for the
school buildings, purchase supplies, etc. Not all of the children at
Galilee have a sponsor. This means classes have 50-100 children, there are
not enough textbooks, and desks built for 3 frquently have 5 students.
Through your sponsorship, you can help change the lives of 1000
children for whom education is the only way to a better future. Some children
need a little more help than others. While it is our goal for all of
the children to be sponsored, the ones with the greatest need are
included in the sponsorship program first. These children may not have enough
food to eat at home due to the families financial situation.

As a sponsor you will receive an updated photo of your child and a letter from
your child three times per year (once each term). Your child will receive
a lunch at the school to insure they receive at least one meal a day,
and school supplies they need to succeed. With these sponsorships you
will also be able to write letters and send extra gifts to your
sponsored child.

You can make a tremendous difference in the life of one of
these children for $100 per month. Help one of these little ones by
starting your sponsorship today.

It was written in the bible that we should help one another, most
especially the ones that need help. Nigeria is a developing country and is
over populated with poor people.

Our Office num +2348025811280.


Bernard Solomon.


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