Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
#47354 by A.B. Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:46 am
Joy success less privilege foundation

Dear beloved one,

Don’t be astound that this mail get to you in a surprise way. Joy success less foundation was founded in June, 1994 by amiable reverend Mrs. Ruth George, joy success less privileged foundation has provided care to over a thousand children through the help & assists from governments, firms, churches etc.

These are children’s displaced by civil wars in their country these are also those rendered homeless and wretched by natural disasters like fire, collapses of buildings etc.

These children brought in the centre through the police and good Samaritans and I Mrs. Ruth took over and takes care of the motherless and hopeless ones since then still now.

I am from west Africa I am in charge of the center so we are here seeking for your assistance, just to save the life of the hopeless, I wouldn’t have mail you for help, If our governments and firms, churches individuals if they ready to assist and help this motherless and The needy, our governments and firms, churches individuals there all are selfishness & austerity's, they are not willing and able to assist this children any more, my Christian brother or sister they have done the little they can, so i hereby appeal to you for your help and assistants, this is not internet fraud because Jesus do against it, and said whosoever cheat someone we be punished, minority of the people in our country who normally helps this children before but now they do not again, no one willing to assist the hopeless just because of austerity.

As no one assists anymore this children feel Starving, while some of them died for hunger, hereby we seek for your assist, I pray as you wish to help the motherless and hopeless children, whatever you lay your hand upon shall be prosper in Jesus name Amen, here are the Item we need: sandals, Textbooks, school bags, Exercise-books, pen and pencils, you can also give money or food.

I expect your prompt response through my private email:
[email protected]

Thanks, And God is with you and your family.

God Bless you

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