Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
#5781 by shamiradan Wed Nov 19, 2008 5:46 am
Hello People of the world. Here is another Scam from a Nigerian Man called Samuel Mamudu.
the information is as follows:
Send the Payment Using Western Union Money Transfer With this Information.
Receivers names: Mr. Samuel Mamudu
Address: 5 Airport Road, Garki, Abuja.
Contact Phone Number:+2348052642855
Country: Nigeria.

This guy called me and I enjoyed wasting his money and time. Making false promises to him.

I just want to warn my fellow people who earn their money hard. Please never fall for this people. He actually asked me to send him the money. It was indeed fun.

The following is the email I first received from him

Board Of Directors.
Note : Reply to this e-mail address: [email protected]

Dear Beneficiary,

This is to inform you that you have been chosen By The Board Of Trustees of the above
International Charity Organization as one of the final recipients of a Cash Donation.
Based on the random selection exercise of Internet Service Providers (ISP)
and millions of Super market cash invoices worldwide, you were selected as the
lucky recipient to receive the award sum of $950,000.00 USD (Nine Hundred and Fifty
Thousand United State Dollars) in an ATM CARD as charity donations/aid from the
Of European Charity Foundations and the UNO in accordance with the enabling act of
Parliament. Note that your email was selected from either the internet, or a
Shop's cash invoice around your area in which you might have purchased an Item.

Fill out below information and contact the Payment
Remittance Office.
Full Name: Address:
Occupation: Country:
Telephone: Fax Number:
Sex: Age:
Your Qualification number is: (A-121-637, G-01-06)

Executive Secretary,
Mr. Jasco Martin
[email protected]
Contact Phone Number:+2348052642855

winnings. Finally, all funds should be claimed by respective beneficiary, not later
7 days after notification.On behalf of the Board kindly accept our warmest

Note : Reply to this e-mail address: [email protected]

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs. Lana Beth

When you compare this email and the one below you'll see many contradictory information. Just review it for yourself.

Here we go............

The Halen Foundation
International Payout Office Abuja Nigeria,
West AfricaPayment Directive For Air Premium Delivery Of Your ATM card Of $950,000.00USD, I write to confirm the receipt of your email along with your chosen shipment option , the method of Payment will be via Western Union Money transfer Agency because you and I know that it is the fast and safe means of sending money all over the world. Please make the payment with the information of the Courier Admin Secretary as stated below. He is responsible in receiving payment on the courier company behalf, so your payment is safe with his name. Go ahead with the payment and get back to me with the payment confirmation slip/Receipt. Important Notice: I want to inform you that there is know deduction from your winning funds because of security reasons. and also your ATM Card have not yet be activated except only the sole beneficiary which is you can only use the pin code given to you to activate it in any ATM Machine close to your home.Also you are to take note that you have just 24hours to send the payment for the delivery of your ATM card worth $950 United State Dollars.
After confirmation of your payment via Western Union Money Transfer Agency I will send you the complete receipt from the courier delivery company and your Shipment Invoice, including the Air-Way Bill number you will use in monitoring your parcel. (ATM CARD) AIR PREMIUMCOST OF DELIVERY:Mailing:$150Handling:$70Insurance:$50Vat:$30Total:$300 USD Send the Payment Using Western Union Money Transfer With this Information. Receivers names: Mr. Samuel MamuduAddress: 5 Airport Road, Garki, Abuja.Country: Nigeria.
Please provide us with the following after sending the payment. Once the payment have been sent you are to send the information which you used to send the payment in the below format: Sender's Full names :Sender's address :Amount Sent :MTCN (Money Control Number) :Text Question and answer : After sending the funds you would be given an 10-digit MTCN code numbers please send it to me via email or better still you can scan and send the receipt of your payment to us via email. Our Delivery elucidation: After we identify your payment, we will send out item for you in a workday, inviting you to pay attention to in time at the same time your mailbox. We would after item send out, with mail contact of way to tell you the item to track the path, in order to you,you can at any time pay attention to the delivery circumstance of your item.Satisfaction Guarantee:Your satisfaction is very important to us and is always our priority goal for the company. Any comment about our service is cherished by all our the team members.All the information of customers are kept as commercial secret here! Protect customer privacy and information :We promise that all the products are in brand new box with original , packaging, manuals, registration card, Serial number etc . All items come with 1 year warranty .RETURNS - 14 day refund policy

1.If you are not happy with the item please return it for an exchange or refund.(1)All returns must be in original packing and condition with everything received from us including the returns form, invoice, user manual etc.(2)Please note that any items returned but incomplete (including the returns form) will remain unprocessed and will delay any refund or exchange.(3)Once we receive the item, we will refund in full, the price you paid for the item .This will be done as soon as the item has passed through our inspection department. 2.Warranty(1)These items have been tested and are guaranteed to be working when they arrive.(2)We operate a 14 day refund policy so that you can return any item that you are not happy with.(3)If you do have a problem with any item please contact us first to allow us the opportunity to rectify it.We will ship your ATM card to your address as soon as we receive your payment: Treat very urgently as we also remind you that your ATM Card is ready.Congratulations.Thank you.Yours sincerely,
Executive Secretary,
Mr. Jasco Martin
[email protected]
Contact Phone Number:+2348052642855 We will carefully check the declaration and the package (s) for full conformity with the regulations before tendering to the airline ©2008 DHL International, Ltd. All Rights Reserved

Be caredul people. :=)

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