Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
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The source host name is "" and the source IP address is

Geo-Location Information

Country Nigeria

City Lagos

From: George Padmore [email protected]

Begin Scam Email:

Good Day ,
I am very delighted to hear from you once again.i appreciate reading your wonderful message with open heart of kindness for the needy.The orphanage which started 16 year back.Has been in worse shape for 7 year now after all the effort of making or bringing it back to it normal condition proof abortive.The worse things is that its difficult to feed them <orphanage> twice a day,And We will love to give the orphan a better life than our imagination because these children needs a good up-bring for there better tomorrow and build a suitable and education where they could have the life of their own with education and I see that as a priority for every child ahead of their future, beside those can not read or write because it is not everyone of them that would love to go into academic but create a hand work for them and some other thing that will be the benefit for them.anything you have to assist us in this organization we appreciate it hear.hope to hear from you.

Have Abundant Day.
Mr Padmore.

End Scam Email


Mr George Padmore , author of many scams , now stealing from the Orphans of Nigeria . :(

Daniel 8 :25

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