Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
#10180 by Clair Mon Jun 01, 2009 4:21 pm
Fake charity site and involved in a job scam. Posting it here so it gets picked up in web searches. They have several job postings currently on the internet. Hopefully the poor use of the English language will be a warning sign for some people.
Children’s Charity Center
Toll Free: +1 818 602-4549 (this is a cell phone out of California)

Vaci ut 77.
1340 Budapest, Hungary (The address of a hotel in Budapest)
T: +1 818 602-4549
F: +36 1 399-1198
Toll Free: +818 602-4549
[email protected]

Brandi O'Steen
T: +1 469 225-4661 (a land line in Red Oak, Texas)
[email protected]

Marek Grecki
Area Manager Central Europe
53 Emilii Plater, Warsaw, 00-113, Poland
T: ++48 22 520 53 53
F: +48 22 520 53 54
[email protected]

Here is a job posting:
Note the 1 720 259-3886 in the ad traces to Denver, CO.

Email: [email protected] ID 8
Phone: +1 720 259-3886
Short Description:
Mail Service Manager
Long Description:
Dear Sir/Madam,

If you’re fed up with all the problems caused by the economic crisis and would want to have a stable well-off job, here’s what we suggest.
Join our team of Children’s Charity Center and take up a position of a Service Manager in order to both earn money and do charity. To start, you should visit our website and register as a stuff member.

We are currently looking for Local Mail Service Managers that are USA residents. Your job is to operate mail service and being our local representative. The minimum of your possible salary is $1,900 monthly (fixed steak), plus you get $25 for every processed mail from the very beginning of your work. You can also operate you salary from your account in . We will pay you once a month via WU and PayPal (as you like).

Joining to Children’s Charity Center will give an opportunity to help children and earn your living at the same time. Register as an employee at your site: .

Your work consists in getting e-mails and sending them to the final address you get. Usually it takes you 3 hours per day maximum, though the salary you get is worth a real full-time job. And doing that job you simultaneously participate in a global charity project!

Ready to start right now? Join our company!
For more details call +1 720 259-3886 (absolutely free) and send you CV to [email protected].

We’re waiting for you!

It looks like the same scam was operating under this name last year: International Children's Charity Center

They are using a term called "Fair Mail" and here is a description from the website:
now we embody it in the FAIR MAIL proceeded by Children’s Charity Center. Every person in the world have a choice now: to send a mail via usual parcel forwarding company (such as FedEx), or to choose a Fair Mail. Fair Mail costs 10% more, but when you choose Fair Mail you know for sure this extra 10% will be used to give a relief to ill baby or to buy shoes to orphans. 10% of every Fair Mail is transacted via Children’s Charity Center as a direct help to those who really need it.

We are working on getting the site taken down.

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