Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
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The source IP address is

Geo-Location Information

Country Cote D'Ivoire

City Abidjan

Pastor James Ibubu

From: Orphan Organization [email protected]

Reply-To: [email protected]

+225 6717480

Begin Scam Email:

greating from orphans organization in coted'ivoire.
in the name of almithy God, we the orphans organization in cote d'ivoire,is asking for your help, for we all know that during the crisisin cote d'ivoire distroy many souls, mother,father,brother, sister was kill during this crisis, now we are telking careof over 4783 numbers of children which there mother and father was kill during this crisis, dear brothers and sisiter white and blackare the same let the cry of the orphans touch your hearlth, orphans need your help, the building where the orphans are living is now very small for them please we need your assistance brother and sisters assist us with any you can aford, please we beg you in the name of our lord we the orphans organization in cote d'ivoire need your financial assistants your prayers and also your advice, please any amount that come out from your mind assist us with it, God will bless you, brothers and sisters we all knbow that many liars have turn internet to 419 scammer there is know trust again, but God will gorge them, brothers and sisters please if your spirit ask you to help the orphanage please do, but if your didn't please don't assist all i know that God will see them through, incase you have any help or contributions to the orphans, just email us back, or call pastor james ibubu through this number +2256717480.
so that we can give you information on how to send it.
waiting your reply.

End Scam Email

Daniel 8 :25

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Same Scammers . New Email Content .

The source IP address is

Geo-Location Information

Country Cote D'Ivoire

City Abidjan

From: Orphanege Organization <[email protected]

Reply-To: [email protected]

Subject: Center Fabio Orphanage

Begin Scam Email:

Center Fabio Orphanage in coted'ivoire.?

DearBrothers and Sisters.

this storyis from Fabio orpanege In Cote D'Ivoire, there is a town that sits close to theLiberian border. In the town, Blolequin, the Catholic Sisters of Soeur MarieConsolatrice Congregation live in a home called Center Fabio. In 2002 a civil war began in Cote d'Ivoire.The Sisters of Center Fabio had to flee to another town 60 kilometers away. Soon,after they returned in 2003, they were asked to take in a child whose motherhad died in childbirth. His name was Dami Heritier. They took him in and havetaken care of him since his birth in August 2003. Gradually other orphans werebrought to the Sisters, therefore Dami was joined by 39 other infants whosemothers also died in childbirth. Thus became the orphanage now called CenterFabio. Since then, Dami Heritier has fortunately been adopted by Regina Davis.

CenterFabio is a well-organized care center led by four Catholic Sisters. SisterCezzarina is the director. The children are divided into groups, and each grouphas a mother who is a young woman who lives nearby and takes care of the familyof 5-6 children. The mothers provide all the daily care for the children, andreceive a nominal pay from the Sisters.

Financially,they are currently reliant on assistance from the U.N. World Food Program (WFP)and UNICEF as their only source of income. The Center Fabio Project Committeehas raised money to help support them this year. As the peace process in IvoryCoast advances, the National Government Organizations downscale theirhumanitarian operations, and may soon have to stop providing any assistance toCenter Fabio.They need help in funding daily expenses.In 2009 the Center FabioProject Committee raised enough to support ten children last year.


In additionto daily care of the children, the Sisters focus on providing a qualityeducation.

One Sisterteaches a nursery school class of about 15 children in an outdoor classroom.

Not only isCenter Fabio growing in numbers, but the children are growing up, and becomingof school age.

There aremore than forty children.

Here aresome names of children who are now 8 and 9 years old.

• Pelagie

• Charlin

• Allassane

• Deborah

Thefollowing is from a UNICEF Humanitarian Action Report in 2009: "Despitethe success of the UNICEF-supported demobilization and reintegration programmefor children associated with armed groups, major protection issues stillundermine the lives of children in Côte d’Ivoire, namely the rape ofchildren. Security is most critical in regions where local authorities have notime for police investigations. Survivors of sexual violence are afraid oftaking their cases to the justice or the police. They also fear stigma, socialdiscrimination and reprisal."

It isfortunate that Dami Heritier was able to be adopted and go to Kindergarten in Senegal.

Hegraduated from the Kindergarten class of the International School of Dakar,Senegal in June 2010. The children who are still living at Center Fabio willnot be as fortunate to receive an elementary education unless funds areprovided for a school and school supplies.if you are willing to donate, contact us back.

Please usethis opportunity to make a pledge of support to the Center Fabio OrphanageProject. Your contributions enable the orphanage to care for all of thechildren as well as build a school building.

Please contactus because:

I wouldlike to donate to the Center Fabio Orphanage Project .

I wouldlike to volunteer for the Center Fabio Orphanage Project.

I wouldlike to support a child at Center Fabio Orphanage.

I wouldlike to receive monthly email newsletters from Center Fabio Orphanage Project.

Pleaseindicate the area(s) you you want your donation(s) to go towards.

• school curriculum?

• school building?

• clothing?

• medicine?

• food?

• school supplies

Also tellus more about yourself. Thanks for visiting!

End Scam Email

Daniel 8 :25

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