Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
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Subject: To Whom It May Concern;
From: fedex courier <[email protected]>

To Whom It May Concern;

I am osarobo c.Omokaro by name hails from Edo State Nigeria West Africa.
IN 1993 i had a tooth ache that lead to the situation to which i find myself

At the moment am been paralegitic in both legs and i have both urinary and
faecial incontinence i.e.been unable to walk with loss of feelings in both
urinary track and faecial circle control.

I have been to several hospitals with my parents desirously wanting to
ensure things get better for thier only son.

However,recently one of the Doctors who has contributed emersly to my health
by name Dr ogunrin of the University Of Benin Teaching Hospital[U.B.T.H]
meant a colleague of his in the Uk(United Kingdom) by name Dr ross who he
gave a Documented historical diagosis concening my case with the outcome Dr
ross predicted that recent research in the UK is situable to help return
sensations in both the uninary and feacial track to correct the ailment
within few weeks Dr ogunrin was happy at this result as this could help me
get well and return to school to which i earlier did withdrew from after my
present ailment cost me and some times in a classroom many a time
embarrassment to say but a few.

With this latest developement presently i am expected to travel dOwm to UK
immediately to commence treatment in this month of April but my parents
could not raise the proported funds to carry out the operation Dr ross has
said the estimation to the treatment which iS sure to restore back my
sensory nuerons to the effected faecial and urinary system will cost GBP

My parents has only managed to raise GPB50,000.000 [FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS]
after been able to persuade some friends and Government paraseltals and
agencies here in My country.

I had to try and help myself by finding a way out on the Internet.

Dear reader i do believe as humans there is an instint to our personal
chioces in decisions and humanitarianism please i do plead that you consider
my letter in the light of tenderness as this predigament has prompt me to
want to given up in this world many a time.But i seek consolance in the
simple fact that one must not take is life simply because he can not cope
with treating issues of life,But today there is a deem sure light in the
tunnel and i love to grab it with both hands with your expectant response in
cash or kind as any given effort either small or big will be duelly
appreciated as a kind gesture towards this project.

From the medical team in Uk there is assurance that many has benefited from
this recent research and i will not be exempted as i look forward in
expectation to your reply May God Bless you.

i can be contacted via [email protected]

Osarobo C.Omokaro.

Real name, he says later, is Charles Osarobo Omokaro

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