Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
#10949 by Peta Wed Jun 24, 2009 3:50 am
This is an active fraudulent charity website. The domain name has only been registered for one year begining 19 June 2009 so it still relatively young. We hope to have this website shut down very shortly. For those who may be in doubt about the authenticity of the "Douglas Foundation"; if you visit the website you will notice that the scammer has included the logo for unicef, American Red Cross and Unesco on the home page. He has done so illegally. For independant verification contact any one of these organizations and you will learn that the "Douglas Foundation" is a fraud and has no connection to any genuine charity.

This criminal also displays the contact number +2348034284188 on his website. This number has already been used in a Fedex / ATM Card scam almost exactly a year ago. ... 64560.html

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Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2009 15:35:56 -0700
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Subject: RE NOTICE!!!
From: douglas foundation <[email protected]>

Douglas Foundation
A Division of
Douglas Hair Clinic

Goodday sir/madam
This is Douglas Foundation Home we care for the less privileged people.
Throughout 2008, the {DF} charity home system continued to strengthen
its efforts to achieve greater impact in contributing to national
development plans priorities.Millions of people are sulfuring out there,
especially in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria whch is a regected region of Nigeria
and this people needs our care, needs our support, some are homeless,
some are in sick bed right there in the hospital,this is what we are out for.
The impetus of this effort remain grounded in {DF} reform, following the
call from the General Assembly for a more coherent, effective and efficient
development system. We at Douglas Foundation {DF} global office will like to
officially inform you of our charity organization programme.This organization
was founded in august 27th the year 2008. To celebrate one anniversary for the
great achievement and success so far, will ask for your support and assistance to
enable us carry out our vision and goals. Any thing is useful to us,
any thing you can support us with we be appreciated by God Almighty.
It can be: Clothes, shoes, Food, even Cash. Please we really needs all this things to keep us
moving. And God will richly bless you.
Contact us Via our Website so that you can tell us how we can receive
support from you.
God bless you in Jesus name Amen.

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