Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
#16506 by Chris Fuller Sat Nov 14, 2009 11:38 am
This scam mail has been previously sent out with different dates given for their 'forthcoming programme', but requiring the same amount of money $35,000 then, as they claim to do now. Note also:

'We contact you because we found out that you are Muslim brothers' - This email was not sent to a Muslim.

'Due to high level of scam on net that why we contact you privately' - This does not make any sense as an explanation.

Two free webmail addresses used, vague and unspecific (ourmosque and

from Ahmed Rahman <[email protected]>
date Sat, Nov 14, 2009
subject your contribution towards it

All praise and adoration
due to Almighty Allah alone the Lord of the world may his peaces and
blessing is upon the noble soul prophet Muhammad and his household,
companion and generality of Muslim till the Day of Judgment.
We are Jumatu Al Alim Islamic Foundation our aims and objectives is
1. To enlighten people and encourage in the way of Islam
2. To teach people how to read and write Arabic
3. To preach for people in way to understand Islam
4. To distribute Holy Quran among Muslim community
5. To distribute Translation Quran to non Muslim
6. Feeding fasting Muslim during month of Ramadan
7. Visitation to motherless baby and homeless
8. Counseling people to avoid sin and change to way of God
9. Building at lest Arabic school and small building for mosque each location
10. Etc
Fellow Muslim we search through Google for Muslims brothers and sister
email address because we need your support towards our forthcoming
program coming on the 30th December 2009.
We want to renovate all our property like renovating each mosque in
Different location and also our Arabic school by buying all Islamic
material and other essential thing there worth $35,000 Thirty Five
Thousand Dollars
Due to high level of scam on net that why we contact you privately
We contact you because we found out that you are Muslim brothers we
need your support that why we connect you
For more information or donating you can mail back to [email protected]

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