Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
#113835 by Spook Tue Jul 17, 2012 10:54 am
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We the Save the Children Organization with the Muslim brothers Association West African Branch :mrgreen: are here to seek for your help

We are an organization focusing on helping children from all part of the world especially the children that is suffering

We are giving help to those country that are affected by the war and earthquakes such as the one that happen in Japan last year

We are now giving help to the children from this countries Sudan,Yemen, Libya, Egypt and Syria but now Syria is the country that we are giving much help because many of the children there is suffering and many have lost they parents

This is the reason why we the Save the children organization and the Muslim brothers Association are working together to give support and hope to those affected children who is suffering and dying everyday because of hunger and other illness

Please we are contacting you today to assist us in rendering this service to the children please you can assist us with what ever that your heart moves you and you can assist us with any amount of money that your heart moves you please so that we can continue to save the life of this innocent children that is suffering and dying

Please as you will assist us have it in mind that Allah will continue to bless and prosper you and your entire generation forever and ever

Please do contact us with this email address ( [email protected] .fr or [email protected] so that we can give you our bank account number that you can use to pay any amount of money that you want to use and support

Please do have it in mind that we are not fusing you do anything but if your heart moves you and Allah touch your heart to assist us then you can help

May Allah Guide and protect you
Yours faithfully
Save the children and Muslim brothers Association West African Branch :mrgreen:

:beer: :beer:

#173315 by Tanuki1100 Tue Aug 06, 2013 9:30 am
Everything about this screams the word SCAM form the mispelling of easy English words to the poorer than normal grammar and the request not to contact them through their email. Real charity associations handle donation via their respective websites and never ask through emails. The real websites are monitored and regularly checked to ensure the security of the person donating as well as the donation itself. All charity will give out several ways of donating and ways to contact them. Such as email correspondance, writing correspondance, verbal correspondance ( on the telephone) or the newer method, video correspondance.
The most used however is written and verbal correspondance. Video correspondance is rare.
If you want to check the legitimacy of a company or charity you can reach the directly through the CONTACT US part of their website, where you should be able to find a phone number, the email address of the relevant department you wish to reach or the written address of the charity. All site will have a means of contacting them and will encourage you to enquire if you are unsure of anything.

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