Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
#18318 by David Jansen Sun Dec 06, 2009 1:52 pm
Scammer claims to be Italian or Italien based but Ip address traces back to Nigeria

IP: Lagos Nigeria
You Are A Grant Beneficiary !!!

"Angelio Anthonio" <[email protected]> [Add]

Sun, 6 Dec 2009 8:07 AM (10 hours 34 mins ago)

Dear Beneficiary.

The Loiana BO' Foundation would like to notify you that you have been chosen by the board of trustees as one of the final recipients of a cash Grant/Donation of ?50,000.00 for your own personal, educational, and business development.

The Loiana BO' Foundation, established in 1959 by the Multi-Million groups and now supported by the European Union (EU) was conceived with the objective of human growth, educational, and community development.

To celebrate the 2009, 50th anniversary program, The Loiana BO' Foundation is giving out a grant donation of ?100,000,000.00 (One Hundred Million Great Britain Pounds) to 2,000 lucky recipients.

These specific Donations/Grants will be awarded to 2000 lucky international recipients worldwide; for their personal business development and enhancement of their educational plans. At least 5% of the awarded funds should be used by you to add value or donated to the less privilege's in your environment. This is a yearly program, which is a measure of universal development strategy.

It is our belief that we can achieve a great positive change in the general welfare of the universe through this program. That is why the foundation is doing everything possible to get all recipients notified of their donation.

Kindly note that you will only be chosen to receive the donation once, which means that subsequent yearly donation will not get to you again. Take time and thought in spending the donation wisely on something that will last you a long time. Recipients are only eligible to be awarded this donation once.

You are required to provide the necessary details below and email it to our Executive Secretary for qualification documentation and processing of your claims. After contacting our office with the requested data, you will be given your donation pin number, which you will use in collecting the funds at the office of the European Union (EU) the assigned payment official. Please endeavor to quote your Qualification numbers (N-222-6747, E-900-56) in all discussions.

GQN: (N-222-6747, E-900-56)

Kindly Forward the above REQUIREMENTS to:

Mr. Alessandro Legrottaglie
Executive Secretary
Loiana BO' Foundation
Via Piranesi G.B. 46.
Milano. Italy. IT-20137.
Email: [email protected]

All information is strictly confidential and will only be used for the purpose to which it is been requested.

You are to keep this whole information confidential until you have been able to collect your donation, as there have been many cases of double and unqualified claim, due to beneficiaries informing third parties about his/her donation.

Note: We have observed that some people are sending out emails claiming to be our representative and using our name to collect money from innocent people after notifying then that they have been selected as one of the lucky beneficiaries. Please note that our organisation is not requesting any money from any selected beneficiaries.

On behalf of the Board kindly, accept our warmest congratulations.


Mrs. Angelio Anthonio
(Foundation officer)

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