Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
#123718 by mama Sun Sep 09, 2012 2:54 am
Received today 09:09:12
[email protected]
DEAR xxxxx

Thank you very mush for your conversation on skype, and your wiliness to accomplish my objective and goal,which I am going to explain to you now.

You know I was trying to explain to you about this young little boy I meet during the war in Afghanistan, this boy has already lost all his family before I saved him, he use to come around me and help me for domestic work for some time now, I found out that the boy,s father was a gold merchant and also a top rank man in Afghanistan Government, he was killed with his wife and two daughter by the Taliban's, the only surviving person in his family is this boy call David Michael, this little boy letter revealed to me all about his late father, because he was afraid to live in his House and even the Country,just few months ago he took me inside his late father,s house and went underground to show me three consignment boxes which belong to his late father, two boxes contain the total sum of $12.7 Million Usd while the last box contain 22kg of raw and pure Gold,the money in the boxes are spendable cash, he beg me to help him out of the Country,that he is afraid to live in Afghanistan, Because some of his extended family wanted him dead in order to claim His late father,s property.

I am happy and glad to let you know that I have finally moved the three boxes to a country in West Africa called Accra Ghana and I have the boxes deposited with a security company for safe keeping and I told the security company when I was about to have the boxes deposited with them that the boxes contains my precious family belongings,so in that way they wont know the true content of the boxes,because the boxes are lock with keys and security code which nobody knows about except me,because the boxes are digital boxes.
That is why I am committed to help him out, I need YOU as my trustee and Partner and to be a good Beneficiary to this little David Michael, make all necessary Arrangement for him to meet with you in Isreal together with the three boxes of consignment, which will enable him have good education and good life,after that you will have to use the rest of the money for any save investment program till I will have a better chance to meet with you people and here is the video clip of the fund and the picture of the boxes and Gold.

Now permit me to ask you these questions.

(1) Can you honestly and willingly help David?
(2) Can I completely trust you?
(3) Can you stand as Beneficiary to help him claim the consignment boxes?
(4) If you decide to positively help him,I will send you the information and the document and certificate of the boxes and how the consignment boxes can be delivered to you over there in the states at your doorstep.

I am waiting for your maximum co-operation.

Best Regard,
Gen Daniel Allyn

#124389 by mama Wed Sep 12, 2012 5:04 am
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