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Rwanda Rehabilitation Project

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Hello Dear,

It is our pleasure to bring to you the activities of the Rwanda
Rehabilitation Project; giving you the opportunity to participate in
the global fight against genocide and war against race and nations.

The Rwanda Rehabilitation Project is a sponsored programme of the
United Nations established to resuscitate the affected Rwandans’
during their ill-fated Genocide of 1994. You can visit the websites
below for further details:

As a non profit making charity group; we are spread all over the globe
but based in the United Kingdom working for the rehabilitation of the
affected Rwandans' during the genocide.

A major target of the genocide was Ms Mebezu Osimatoye who was the
former Director of Environmental matters in the defunct Government of
assassinated President Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda . Ms Osimatoye
was unjustly removed from office by succeeding President Bizimungu for
being a Tutsi origin; she was detained and brutalised for her
historical origin.

Ms Osimatoye is presently seeking asylum in the United Kingdom and
wants to acquire Estates or landed properties in your country.
Considering her very strategic and influential position, she would
want the transaction to be as strictly confidential as possible. She
further wants her identity to remain undisclosed at least for now,
until the completion of the transaction to avoid traces by the present
Government of President Paul Kagame that laid embargo on fund transfer
to/from Rwanda more especially when it has to do with Tutsi origins;
hence her desire to have an oversee agent.

We are therefore making inquiry on her behalf if you would agree to
act as her oversees agent in order to actualise this dream.

Should you be interested to help, feel free to contact us with your
private telephone numbers for further details.

Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation.

Best Regards.

Harret Williams (OCSI)
Rwanda Rehabilitation Project

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