Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
#21895 by paulrees2206 Tue Feb 09, 2010 5:52 pm
My name is Vivian Paul Rees, i am shocked and disgusted to find someone is using my name, or at least a similar name in such an appaling manner, this is obviously yet another African scammer, who manages to use innocent individuals names and destroys innocent individuals lives.
I have found myself in a very awkward position of late because of these web site scams, there must be a way of tracking these individuals down so at least people who are unfortunate to share the same name as these scum bags can get on with their lives and continue to make an honest living.
I am presently seeking legal advice to have my name removed from such sites and if they continue to use this name i will go to the police and request they identify through computer fraud identity the culprits and ensure they are brought to task, there can be no worse fraud than playing on the misfortune of those who are less fortunate or have been involved in a world disaster.
I hope you will appreciate my predicament, being a Company Director i must be seen as fit and proper at all times and i could never see anyone treated in such an appaling manner, these people who use innocent individuals nanes should be identified through their e'mail addresses, it makes me sick to think that there are scum bags out there trying to profit from the injured of world disaster and the poor people who think they may profit from sending money to receive money from a dying man, do not part with a penny to these people, i have received many such e'mails in the past and i know exactly what to tell them, but sorry i cannot repeat online.
This is now having a real affect on my life as i am in a position of trust and my clients need to know they are not dealing with the same person who has been attempting to profit from others misfortune.
My only contact with Cancer unfortunately was when i lost a relative to this awful disease and i have gladly paid a annual donation to the Macmillan nurses for all the wonderful care they give to those who have terminal illness.
I am also a fitness coach in my spare time and i give my time up free to coach youngsters who are future international athletes and rugby stars.
I am a former international athlete, and have a family living in South Wales.
Thank you for taking the time to read this note and i hope you can see how this would affeect an innocent person who would share the same name.
Yours Sincerely
Vivian Paul Rees
also known to friends as Paul Rees
Thank you for your understanding.

#21912 by Ralph Tue Feb 09, 2010 9:45 pm
Hi Paul

Welcome to Scamwarners.

Unfortunately the chance of the scammers actually being caught is near impossible and the chances of law enforcement actually doing anything about your name being used is even less likely.

The scammers predominantly operate from internet cafes in countries that do little to curb the incidence of scams and most country's law enforcement will have eno jurisdiction even if they did have time to investigate.

If you have a website, you could put a note on it that mentions scammers are using your details and how they can tell the legitimate Paul Rees.

It could be something like;

Please Note: it has come to my attention that scammers operating from Africa are using my name in order to add legitimacy to their scams. If you have received an email from a person claiming to be Paul Rees please note that I will never contact you out of the blue with a business proposal, nor will I ever ask you to be involved in any deal where we could not meet face to face prior. If you would like more information on scams of this nature, please visit where they can identify any scam emails you may receive that are using my name

Of course, that may not quite suit your needs but something like that should help you, having your name removed from posts such as this one may actually do you more harm because your potential customers will not see the evidence that shows the scammers using your details.

If you have any questions, please ask
#57630 by Mortal Sat Jul 02, 2011 5:05 am
I hope this is the correct place where to put this...

Mrs. Carol Williams - [email protected]
Haiti has made little progress in rebuilding for over six months since
its earthquake, because of an absence of leadership, disagreements
among donors and general disorganization, a U.S. Senate report says.

Obtained Monday by The Associated Press, the eight-page report is
meant to give Congress a picture of Haiti today as U.S. legislators
consider authorizing $2 billion to support the country's
We are getting these to your notice that there are still
the the life of the poor Haitians
kids suffering from hunger.please Sir/Mar we do need your support for
the Haitians
May our good lord continue to bless you as you keep in mind
for helping the poor


Dear Sir

My name is Mrs Carol Williams the secretary to The HOPE FOR
HAITI/STANDARD UNITY ORGANIZATION we were set up to receive funds from
people around the world for the less privileged in Haiti

My dear lovely friend, well we are
(POT/RED CROSS) working hand to hand with UNN and BRITISH GOVT to make
sure that people of Haiti regain access from poverty. Well it all
happened that Haiti have a big Financial problem ever since the last
Earth Quake that killed not less than 5,000 people (Jan 2010). And
we are there to help them out by making sure people that understand
what poverty look like to Donate any Amount they feel like supporting
so Haiti kids can be Eating, Drinking water and have good source of
life. So if God touches your heart to help them my beloved brother/Sister
please kindly get back to us, so you can have our payment information
.God bless and please keep in touch. You can feel free tell us where
you from, your age and your Occupation Sir/Madam

Thanks so much for your Concern to help poor kids in Haiti..And also
kindly get in touch with us so we can provide the (ACCOUNT) You Can
Pay To or a (WESTERN UNION Money Transfer Detail's)


This scammer also likes to contact you through google chat.

Never tell scammer he is listed on this site.

If you find out person you are communicating with is listed here: stop all contact with the scammer

Need help? Contact me at mortimer.allen @ (remove the spaces)

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