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Dear Well-wishers,

We are saddened to learn of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Expert estimates suggest that 46 percent of Haiti nearly 10 Million people are under 18 years of age. Our heart go out to the families whose lives have so terribly impacted by this tragedy. Report indicates that school have collapsed, Homes destroyed and hospital overwhelmed by the large number of injured coming in for medical assistance.

UNICEF is deploying necessary supplies to Jacmel and Port-au-Prince as quickly as possible to assist with recovery effort including clean water and sanitation, Therapeutic food ,Medical supplies and temporary shelter. We will also be focusing on children who have become separated from their families to protect them from harm or exploitation.

UNICEF premises in port-au-Prince are badly damaged and our communication facilities have been destroyed. We kindly solidate of your Voluntarily support to help the affected women and children without Shelter at Haiti.

Please contact the secretary below on further enquirers towards making your willing donations to people at Haiti, for the need your urgent support;

Name:Anthony Pantaleoni(Secretary UNICEF)
Email:[email protected] or [email protected]

UNICEF joined the United Nations appeal for $562 Million for humanitarian operation in Haiti launched today.The appeal seeks to provide resources to help 10.5 million people for the next 6 months.As over 100,000 people feared dead right now in Haiti.

View link for more information= &

Thanks for your support in helping UNICEF to reach the stricken Haitians.


Ann M. Veneman
Executive Director(UNICEF).
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