Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
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Subject: Christ Jesus is calling "U" come as you are.REPENT TODAY.!"666-Reject it"-Rev-13-8-18.
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Understand this: Jesus Christ doesn't invite us "U and I" to follow Him because we believe in Him.He invites us to follow Him because He believes in us! He says,Follow me and I will make you.He knows what we can become when His grace touches our lives.Matthew,a Jew,collected taxes for the Romans who enslaved his people.In their eyes he was lower than scum.Yet Christ Jesus called him and he end up writing the first book in the New Testament. When Nathaniel was invited to meet Christ Jesus he was downright sceptical."can...any good thing come out of Nazareth?"Phillip saith unto him,"come and see"(read-john-1-46).So come as you are, Christ Jesus said ' I will pray the Father,and he shall give you Holy Spirit a comforter.(read-john-14-16) Come with your self-righeous or sordid past. Come,even though you wonder if He con do what He promises.Let His power and presence rub off on you.....What do you have to lose? you have tried your ways and it didn't work,now try His way.Come.You won't be disappointed!(read-mark-10-13-22,ps-37-32-40).reply to this email.


I know something so wonderful that I must tell you! its so vital that it may change your entire future As it did mine."I myself was one of the internet fraud stars in fact a destroyer,deceiver,drunker, the list goes on and on.the world is in a mess because of sin.!God had a plan for your life. you say,but I have failed so badly.Maybe,but it's amazing what God can do with a broken life when you give Him all the pieces !(read-coloss-1-16,Jn-3-16-18)

Christ Jesus want to make something good out of you! REPENT TO DAY."Reject" 666"-(read-Bible-Revelation-13-8-18)9,Says He who has an ear,let him hear.Repent today and save ur life to Christ Jesus.(read-Acts-4-12)

Reasons why you need Christ Jesus (1) Because you have a past. You can't go back He can,The Bible says,"Jesus Christ the same yesterday,and today,and for ever"(read-Heb-18-8)He can walk into those places of sin and failure,wipe the slate clean and give you a new life as He did to mine.(2) Because you need a friend.Jesus know the worst about you,yet He believes the best.why becaues He sees you not as you are,but as you will be when He gets through with need Him as a friend.(3) Because He hold the future.Who els are you going to trust?In His hands you are safe and secure today,tomorrow,and for eternity.His word says "For I know the plans I have for you...plans for good and not for evil,to give you a future and hope.In those days when you pray I will listen(read-Jere-29-11-13)

Faith cometh by hearing,and hearing by the word of God(read-rom-10-17).How dose faith come?By hearing what God thinks,what God says and what God can do whan others have given up.You say, But the situation looks helpless,Maybe,but until God has been heard from the last word hasn't been spoken.God told the prophet Ezekiel to go and stand in a valley full of dead bones( a helpless dead situation as bad as it gets! can...any good thing come out of dead bones?) and say, This is what the Sovereign Lord says to these bone: I will make breath enter you,and you will come to life.(read-Ezekiel-37-1-13) Faith in the word of God does not deny the reality of the circumstances it just refuses to be intimidated,limited or ruled by them.May Holy Spirit speak life to your spirit in Christ Jesus Name Aman.(read-luk-19-11-26,heb-10-19-23,Gal-5-22)

N.cousins said,Death isn't the greatest loss in life.The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.If you're not careful you could end up like the man whose tombstone read,Died at 30.Burird at 60.Don't let that happen to you. God purpose for your life is to live eternity with Christ Jesus.(read-1-corth-1-18-28)

Make your eternal life decision. To begin a personal relationship with Christ Jesus to day. please pray this prayer "Lord Jesus,I invite you in to my life. I believe you died for me and that your blood pays for my sins and provides me with the gift of eternal life.By faith I receive that gift and I acknowledge you as my Lord and Saviour. Aman.please write to us we will like to pray for you.

Christ Jesus said,As Father has sent me,I am sending you.(read-john-20-21) The mission Jesus had while on earth,is now our mission.All of us must quickly carry out the task assigned us by the one who sent me,for there is little time left.(read-john-9-4)W.James said,The best use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it.Only the Kingdom of God is going to last ,everthing else will eventually perish.To fulfil your kingdom-purpose here on earth is to have lived well,and lived successfully.(read-provb-11-12-13,num-25-26)

Just as When Nathaniel was invited to meet Christ Jesus he was downright sceptical."can...any good thing come out of Nazareth?" You can ask can any good thing come out of Inter-net or from west Africa? Satan have use Africans to make inter-net look a helpless dead situation as bad as it gets! but hear what God says (read Ezekiel-37-1-13) The same will take place in inter-net through our inter-net ministy that our vision and mission.I myself was one of the internet fraud stars in fact a destroyer,deceiver,drunker, the list goes on and on.the world is in a mess because of sin.! He change my entire future.

This is a message(read-Acts-4-12)for every living soul,please we need your support to reach the world for Christ Jesus.(read-john-14-1-6 Matth-28-19-20).may God bless you Aman.Giving is living,prove your love to God by to support His is the only biblical way of demonstrating the love of God(read-jn-3-16) Paul said to the philippians,for even in thessalonica ye sent once and again unto my necessity.Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account He talk of heavenly account.(read-philippians-4-15-19) If Holy Spirit ask you to support your free

Eternal-life mission inter-net ministry is financed by free will donations.If you are blessed or have found salvation in Christ Jesus through our gospel message let us know, we will like to remember you in our prayers.(read-1-john-1-9,Rom-5-1,Acts-4-12,Jn-3-3-18)cal.+228-827-88-09, Lome Togo west Africa.reply to this email.

Our bank info-(Union Togolaise de banque.Swift code:UNTB-TG,num,cpte-cle-rib 3(IBAN tg 53 too9-Account No-153352907005000.(UTB Lome Togo west Africa.)

Wise stewardship involves supporting the Lord's work cheerfully an faitfully.Food for thought"in the world,it is not what you take up,but what you give up,that makes us rich.



I am, not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of GOD for salvation of every one who believes.(read- romans-1-16)wages of sin is death. (read-Rom-6-23,)it is eternal punishment-(read-matt-25-41-46).

ROMANS-10-13 says,for everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. 14,how, then can they call on the one they have not believed in? and how can they hear without someone preaching to them? 15,and how can they preach unless they are sent? as it is written, how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!..write to join to extend GOD's kingdom.pray for us.for more information,reply to this email prove faith by work.(read--james-2-19). cal.+228-827-88-09.

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