Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
#25534 by mahafakir Sat Apr 03, 2010 12:29 pm
This charity scam is very common Scam. I've stopped keeping score. A person sends you an email saying that he is a multimillionnaire. But he has been swindled by his relatives. He has only $10,000,000. He is dyong of Esophogus cancer. He wants to some good before he dies. He needs your help in giving his funds to poor who can't meet ends meet. He can't tell about this money to his relatives because they will take it away from him. He wants your help in giving these funds away. But he is ying and bed ridden. So you have to act fast. Right away he will ask you expenses of $5000 to pay his lawayers and then $5000 to pay some body else and so on. The thng is he is not dying. He has no esophogus cancer and he is getting rich and building mansions. My standard reply to such and other scammers is to ask for an advance fee of $260,000. I ask them to wire the funds through Weastern Union to (I give an Assumed name, name of City, State, Country, Question like leader of thieves Answer Ali Baba (For those who do not know Ali Baba is not the leader of thieves, He stole from the thieves. In other words he himself is a thief. So I call him Leader of Thieves. But he is not the leader of forty thieves). So my advice is is to ask money from the scammer. They'll never give you money. And you'll never hear from you.

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