Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
#4169 by Ralph Fri Jul 18, 2008 10:39 am
This email came from the email address [email protected]

The interesting part of this email is on the very top line

Mr Don Jones to undisclosed-re.
David Gersch is now Don Jones, also the sent to undisclosed recipients means that my address was part of a much larger BCC list

A short and simple email designed to get your interest, it has not been mentioned yet but there will be many fees involved, regardless of how many fees you pay, you will not recieve a cent in return, its a scam

Please dont provide your details and certainly do not send money

Please pray for me and Contact my Lawyer DAVID P. GERSCH ON Arnold & Porter (UK) LLP on email at ([email protected]) to receive these money for charity homes and orphanage and churches.
Send him your safe bank details to send the money to you by swift wire bank transfer.

Please share 50% of the $5.5 USD million to the charity homes and motherless
children homes and orphanage homes Including Churches. Take the remaining 50% for your self and for the accepting my request and also for taking your precious time.

Please Pray for me, I am going in for an operation Now.
Contact my Lawyer DAVID P. GERSCH ON Arnold & Porter (UK) LLP on email ([email protected]) now.

Mr Don Jones.

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