Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
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Hello sister ,I am Ms Kate Jackson, 67yrs old from Romania, i want to plead with you to just take your time and read this to the end. I know you have a mother, a sister .I have been struggling with breast cancer for 6 years now, i had one of my breast mutilated but the tumor soon spread to my left breast. Life has been full of pain and no tears, I have felt real pain. I want you who is reading this to be with me in prayer, for God to protect your loved one's from the pain i have gone through, if you have a heart that understands what i am going through, then please don't ignore this. I feel my body and mind are deteriorating and is quite obvious that I may not live more than 2 weeks, because am diagnosed with stage 4 terminal breast cancer. After my Doc Notice ,i have decided to divide part of my fortune, by contributing to the Charities & Motherless .I need your trust and help to accomplish my last wishes of aiding the less privilege in your country / charity homes. I hope you respond to my letter as i am about to go in for my final surgery

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i hope this letter gets to you in good faith. I am about to go in for my surgery and there is something bothering my mind regarding my last wishes. Since i have been advised that i might not survive .I have Made up mind to donate my late husband fortune to the less privilege and disables and charity homes through you and with the details below, the Bank of Africa can start process of transferring my funds to you as my trustee to accomplish my heart desires and legal document should be signed and approved on your name for legal prove that my funds is genie and 100% charity monies.

I have attached few of my picture so you can see what i look like when i was still okay and also my infected breast so you can see how i suffer here at the hospital and also a Certificate Of Deposit of my funds to prove and show you i trust you with my whole life and will love to see this funds reach the right people rather than the selfish Ghana government whose eyes are now in my funds because they know i do not have beneficiary . Below is contact information of the Bank of Africa Ghana and contact person and email address .

E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
Tel: +233544678712

Depositor's Name: Kate Jackson
Account Number: 1209876400
Batch Number: 78665000
Year Deposited: 2008
Secret question: WHAT FOR ?
Security Code: B.O.A/DAS/FD/1/02
currency: (USD)
Amount: $4,500,000.00

I need you to email and forward Mr Timmy Jaowo my account deposit information and he will inform you about the legal steps to follow to claim my funds . I really wish and pray i can survive this agony so i can fly over to you and start a new life because i have derailed in health, mind and feelings due to this illness and wish i can survive . In case i do not make it i would love 90% of my total funds to be shared to the charity homes, disable, beggars , motherless, deaf and dumb and blind in your country while the balance of 10% goes to your family for a sign of appreciation and to make you clear that one good hand deserves another . Peace of the Lord be with you for i can not see you but i can feel you are good Lady.

May the Good lord give you strength and wisdom to handle my wishes because they might be challenges in your way to claim and process this proposal but have it in mind that you are not helping me in vain .

Love you and may the Lord Angel watch over you and your family . Please say a prayer for me so i can make it and please try send me your address and telephone number so i can contact you if i survive my surgery.

Hugs and Kisses from

Mother Kate Jackson
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