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From: Dmitry Leonidovich - [email protected]
Reply-to: Dmitry Leonidovich - [email protected]
Subject: SPHERE LLC SCO (1.pdf
Tel. Nos.: +79993486796 & +79260046256

Dear / Sir
We are a direct representative to major titleholders / producers / refineries in the Russian Federation that export petroleum derivatives to any part of the world.
Our titleholders / producers / refineries are ready to deliver your purchase order (product) to any safe world port on CIF and TTO or FOB transaction term.
Attached below is our company soft offer for available products in the refinery reservoir tank awaiting an urgent lift: Mazut. Diesel Gas Oil D2, AGO, Aviation Kerosene, Jet A-1, D6 Virgin Oil, ULSD EN590, Fuel Oil CST 80/380, Pet Coke, LNG, LPG, REBCO, UREA, etc.
Please contact us for our price list and trading procedures.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Faustov Dmitry Leonidovich
E-mail: [email protected]
E-mail: [email protected]
telephone; +79993486796
Telegram; +79260046256
WhatsApp: +79260046256
Skype Dmitry Leonidovich

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