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#438578 by Carlabanker Mon Mar 06, 2023 10:16 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

Bullet Trade returning 2400% over 10-20 days, then a 40-Week Term Trade, Compounding

Reference code: 23011101 PM Effective: January 16, 2023


· Corporations and individuals may participate.
· Only cash is acceptable.
· Minimum: US $10M or Euros equivalent recommended. The trader will accept US $5.3M or Euros equivalent, but the smaller amount won’t receive the same attention.
· Maximum: US $100M or Euros equivalent.
· Acceptable banks: Any of the Top 100 banks, plus branch locations of major banks in Asia (e.g., HSBC Hong Kong). No Russian, Chinese, or Taiwanese banks.


· Funds stay in client’s bank. As a tear sheet or ping trade, no administrative hold, SWIFTs, etc., are required.
· The bullet trades return 120% per trade for 10 trades, within 5-10 days, producing 1200%, twice, for estimated gross returns of 2400%.
· The net cumulative amount is then invested in a 40-week term trade, returning 120% per month for 10 months, plus compounding via purposeful reinvestment of profits left in the account.
· After the term trade begins, clients can take out profits whenever they wish, but the compounding is compromised.
· GROSS returns cannot be estimated in advance, as it depends on the level of purposeful reinvestment and projects requiring funding.
· Profits are not guaranteed but will be provided on a best-efforts basis.

JV Profit Sharing and Fees

· 30% in profit sharing will be deducted from the client’s net returns after other fees through a Joint Venture Agreement with the provider.
· The trader may deduct 15% from the client’s gross profits for administrative expenses and to pay fees to other parties, perhaps including brokers. Or not. It remains to be determined.
· The client-side lawyer and brokers will receive commissions of 5%. These may be paid by the trader or deducted from the client’s gross earnings. It remains to be determined.
· Of the 5% broker fees, 1-2% will go to the lawyer, and 3-4% will go to the brokers. Broker fees will be paid by the trade group to a paymaster, who will then distribute fees as stipulated in a Sub-fee Agreement made between the brokers.

1. The client completes and submits the attached Initiating Pack Extract CIS+, which includes a CIS, current Bank Statement as POF, a utility bill, and the client’s passport. Note that
· All lines of the CIS must be completed. Don’t leave any blanks. If a question isn’t applicable, insert “N/A.”
· The signature must be in wet blue ink—No digital copy and paste.
· In regard to “Origin of Funds,” a complete, descriptive statement about the source, sequence of events, and provenance of the funds is required. For example, “Commodities trading” won’t suffice.

2. The provider’s compliance check normally takes two banking days.
3. The provider will then contact the client to review terms of the trade, answer questions, assess his/her projects and funding requirements, and discuss next steps.
4. The provider then sends the client a Joint Venture Agreement to be signed and the template of a full KYC, which is required to open the trade with the trade group, as well as requests for any other documents that may be required, including a BCL, an RWA, or banker-signed bank statement.
5. The trader will subsequently issue a trade contract to the client for execution.
6. Funds are then set and the trade is set.
7. Disbursements daily during spot trade and weekly during term trade.

Michael Weiner
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PreConstruction Catalysts
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Olney, MD 20832 USA
Tel: (202) 657-6960
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#438743 by Carlabanker Thu Mar 16, 2023 4:44 am
His new scam:

$1m to $5b 12 x Ping Trade [USD/EURO] 120% per day

1. Corporations and Individuals may participate by invitation.
2. Only cash is accepted.
3. Financial requirements: Cash $/€1M+.
4. Currency: US Dollars or Euro.
5. Acceptable Banks:
Any International Bank of good standing and reputation, chiefly Top 100 Banks in Europe, USA, Canada, Singapore and Australia, plus branch locations of major Banks in Asia or the Middle East.
6. No Russian, Chinese or banks in India.
7. Banking facilities available for profits (min €2.5m)
8. Funds DO NOT MOVE from client’s accounts. The Trader works with the Ping Trade Program. NO SWIFT blocks. (For non-acceptable banks or banks who will not sign the latest bank statement or RWA, funds will need to be moved).
At the end of the programme, clients will be considered for a Managed Buy/Sell programme offering 800% every 4 weeks. There is also an option for a Swiss company for lower tax.
9. Program begins with Daily Ping Trades of 120% up to 5-10 banking days with Rolls and Extensions (daily continuously) as the client deems fit.
10. Based on the NET cumulative value, the program pays NET returns of 120% daily. The NET returns to the client are 120% and COMMISSION of 20% shall be deducted.
11. Payments are made daily. Clients may withdraw returns at any time, but the principal must remain in their account for the term/duration of the trade.

I. Need KYC and BCL or RWA and the latest Bank Statement stamped and signed by two Bank Officers not older than 3 days. There is no set verbiage requirement for BCL/RWA;

II. Trade Contract will follow;

III. Money NEVER leaves the client's account. The Trader will Ping the account to check if money is in the account;

IV. No projects are necessary.

The payout is done this way; once all documents are submitted for instance today and DD is positive equally today or tomorrow, Tuesday, the trade contract emails you the same or the next day; You return the signed contract the next day say Thursday.
Trade begins on Friday and the first payment of 120% ROI will be on Monday, Tuesday's trade pays out on Wednesday, and Wednesday's trade pays out on Thursday... In this manner to the end of your 5-10 banking days.

Example of the $/€1M+ Ping Trade Cash Asset Program:
Amount: $/€1,000,000
Program duration: 10 banking days
Daily Net Return: 120% ($/€1,200,000)
Total Gross Return: $/€12,000,000
Before Deduction of JV Sharing & Commissions.

Documents Required for Ping Trade Cash Asset program:
· BCL or RWA (There is no set verbiage requirement for BCL/RWA)
· The latest Bank Statement is stamped and signed by two bank officers not older than 3 days ALTERNATIVELY: Banker sends Client email from bank address confirming funds.

NOTE All Trades will sell out with no prior notice being provided and additional KYC docs may be asked for and trade details may change before contract is signed. Sender is a Consultant and makes no warranties or representations as to the Trader, Seller or the Trade Transaction.

All due diligence is the sole responsibility of the trade client and final trade details are only stated in writing in the trade contract.
#438744 by Carlabanker Thu Mar 16, 2023 4:46 am
another one:

MW_100M to 5B - Multi-Step
(Cash) Trade Opportunity
OR MTN/SBLC Minimum Face Value 150M
The Multi-step Trade will accept Cash Funds (and MTN / SBLC) held in ‘Top Banks’ in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore via Bank ‘Administrative Hold’ confirmed by a Swift MT-799. Funds to be Euro, USD, GBP -- 100M Minimum up to 5B Maximum.

Note: If client’s funds are not in an acceptable bank/country. Trader can have an account opened in the ‘client’s name and control’ in a Top U.K. or European Bank to receive client’s funds for trade.


This is NOT a ‘Best Efforts’ trade contract, as the trade returns are stated in the contract. The contract is also ‘bank endorsed’ by the Trader’s trading bank, which is a Top 10 world bank. If either party doesn’t perform as stated in the contract, the contract becomes null and void and all contractual commitments are cancelled. This is NOT ‘Retail’ Banking – or – ‘Stock Market’ Trading.


1. An Individual or Corporate KYC (as supplied) signed with blue, wet ink signatures (not ‘electronic’).
2. Scans of Utility Bills and signing Bank Officer’s Business Cards + Corporate Registration documents.
3. Signatory’s Passport photo and signature pages (enlarged to 140%) - a high quality color scan in PDF.
4. Current Bank Statement (no older than 3 days) signed by two bank officers, with their Business cards.
5. Bank Confirmation Letter (BCL) to client, confirming bank will put an ‘Administrative Hold’ on client’s account for 12 + 1 months; and confirm the ‘Hold’ by sending a Swift MT799 to Trader’s trading bank.
6. Proof of Life: ‘head shot’ of client holding ‘Passport’ and a card with current ‘Date’ written in marker.

Note: Signed Bank Statement and BCL plus KYC -- must all have the same date when they are submitted.

(1) 3% ADVANCE – paid 3 banking days after receipt and acceptance of the client bank’s Swift MT799 confirming they put an Administrative Hold on client’s account. (3% of amount on hold).


10 banking day Bullet trade returning 200% gross -- of the amount on Administrative Hold.


Paid weekly over 30 banking days, with first payment 5 banking days following the end of the 10 banking day Bullet Trade. Total return 800% gross -- of the amount on Administrative Hold.

(4) 40 WEEK TRADE (maximum 5B per contract)

Return is 100% gross weekly over a one year term (40 Week Trade) based on the amount on Administrative Hold; with the first payment 5 banking days following end of 30-Day Bullet Trade.

(5) 3 to 5 YEAR (EVERGREEN) TRADE (maximum 5B per contract)

The return is 50% gross paid weekly over the term of a 3 to 5 Year ‘Evergreen’ Trade. First payment will be 5 banking days after end of the one year term 40-Week Trade.

Notes: 1) Client is not required to rollover their 10 Day and 30 Day Bullet trade profit to the 40 Week Trade. However, if they do, it will ‘greatly’ increase their 40 Week Trade returns. 2) Net return to client is the ‘gross return’ stated above less 30% for costs to those who make trades possible: Trader, Trading Bank, Platform, Intake Officers, Facilitators, Fiduciary Law Firms, Accounting Firms etc. 3) An administrative hold is a hold/block put on client’s account by their bank, so funds can’t go ‘in or out’ of client’s account. 4) Above stated returns are historic. 5) A ‘Trade Offer’ will be sent to client for their review and approval, prior to the actual Trade Contract.

Client’s ‘contractual’ commitment regarding the trade: 1) Client will instruct their bank to put an Administrative Hold on their account/funds for one year and one month in favor of the Trader’s company the client is contracting with -- in return for the returns stated in the trade contract. (2) Client will instruct their bank to send a MT799 to Trader’s trading bank to confirm an Administrative Hold is on client’s account.

There is NO RISK of client’s funds being called on, as the trade group utilizes its own funds (via credit lines that are in place at the participating ‘trading’ bank). A trade program can ONLY start after trade group has secured and contracted exit buyers for the bank instruments (Medium Term Notes) being traded through arbitrage. Everything is pre-contracted: total amount to be purchased over the contract period, plus face value and purchase price. These transactions do NOT involve ‘Retail Banking’ or ‘Stock Market’ trading.
The client’s ‘blocked’ account and funds cannot be used to purchase the instruments for trading. Therefore the account cannot be depleted, used, or devalued in any way whatsoever by the trader. No funds in or out.

The trade program operates under strict Fed and European banking regulations. Private Placement (off ledger) Trading is highly regulated. The ‘blocked’ funds may be in US dollars or pound sterling; however trading will be conducted in euro. Should US dollars or pound sterling be the ‘blocked’ currency -- returns paid to client can be converted if the client requests. This trade has operated successfully since 1945.

All trading is constantly supervised by European Regulators and by Audit Firms to ensure the programs are conducted in a secure and professional manner. The trader will provide monthly ‘audit reports’ to the client


1. For client to pass due diligence it is very important that complete documentation is submitted including bank documents (Account Statement, BCL) signed by the two bank officers in charge of client's account.
2. When the client’s KYC/Bank documents are received, due diligence is carried out to confirm their validity.
3. Once due diligence is successfully completed, usually within three banking days, the Trader (or platform manager) will contact the client by phone. The aim of this call is for the trader to formally introduce himself, and to confirm the client is fully aware of the program details and procedure as stated above.
4. After client and trader discuss the above, plus any questions client may have, and both parties are in agreement; trader will send client a ‘Trade Offer’ to review/sign back; which ‘trade contract’ is based on.
5. After receiving trade contract, client instructs their bank to send a Swift MT799 to the trading bank confirming they have put an Administrative Hold on client’s account, as required in the trade contract.
6. The five Steps / Trades of the Multi-Step Trade will now begin -- as explained in detail on page one.
7. Client will need to advise the amounts they want to roll over from each trade (5B is the maximum) so the funds can roll over to each of the trades seamlessly. Client will also need to advise if they wish to go into the 3 to 5 year (Evergreen) Trade -- which is optional.

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