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#36630 by scam victim Sun Sep 05, 2010 4:01 am
Dear Sir /Madam,
I am 78 years old as financial scam victim.Manulife Financial and CITIC Ka Wah Bank have joined together to cheat a million from a 78 years old woman which is the elderly hard-earned life savings for survival money, medical expenses and funeral expenses. How does heaven tolerate this!
Even I were received a threatening letter by Manulife lawyer in order to force her not to expose this crime. Can be tolerated, what can not?
Nowadays, financial fraud is widespread in the world. In accordance with laws of Hong Kong Securities and Futures Ordinance: Chapter 571, Article 107: Any person induces another person to invest money and make a fraudulent or reckless misrepresentation which is an offense.
Trap numerous of financial fraud is a serious crime, many victims of the loss, pain and suffering has sued no one to turn, even ignore regulatory. Financial institutions do not fear and harm others to be victims.
In view of this, in order to protect the public's legitimate rights and interests and social stability, we should disclose financial fraud in order to raise public vigilance. According to Government must rectify the financial order, crack down on financial institutions to criminal acts. For justice to the vulnerable groups and victims, we must avoid create more victims.
In order to prevent such tragedy from happening to others, everyone has obligation to maintain law and order. Please spread the site to expose financial fraud for the world.
xxxxxxx (78 years old of Financial scam victim)
xxxxxxxxx[email protected]

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