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Bank Instruments Scammer - [email protected]

Private Placement Programs traditionally have been the domain of institutional investors or high net worth individuals because of their complex nature. However, since 2008 and the introduction of Fully Managed 100% Capital Protected Private Placement Programs it is now easier than ever for traditional investors to participate in PPP programs.

This program is for qualified clients with Cash Funds and/or Financials Instruments (SBLC, BG......) in International Prime Banks are invited to invest in this Private Placement Program (PPP). The trading plateforme is licensed to undertake and get the relevant approvals from all the relevant Authorities including Federal Reserve, US Treasury, World bank ,European Central banks. HKMA, MAS and all legal Entities like ICC, and Law enforcement Authorities as well.


For Cash Funds, clients do not need to move their funds. Funds are blocked in favour of Trading Platform via Swift MT-760.
For Financials Instruments, there are blocked in favour of Trading Platform via Swift MT-760.
There his no monetization, Trading Plateform use its own credit line.
Capital 100% protected and interest 100% guaranteed .

At least 50 Million Euro/USD.
The program is available to most citizens of the world.
The trading programm start at the beginning of each week from on 06th Feb 2017.


The program offers clients attractive, high-yield returns – earnings from the “controlled” trading of investment-grade bank debentures.
The program is forty (40) banking weeks @ 50% per trading week, distributed 50% to client, 50% to humanitarian foundation .
Payments are made at the end of each week
The trading platform will transfer all Client’s profits and intermediaries fees directly into client’s account &/or intermediaries accounts via SWIFT with full clearances and approvals.

The client submits the full Compliance Documents (KYC) including Proof of Funds Letter (Bank Tear Sheet, Bank Statement & Bank RWA to issue Blocked Funds Letter). Specific KYC is provided by Chief Facilitator.
The Chief Facilitator will meet the investor face to face or video call with trading platform and confirm he/she had submitted the compliance documents and ready, willing and able to invest in this Platform. After that the Chief Facilitator will submit the compliance documents to the Platform.
After successful due diligence by the Trading Platform, an Investment Contract with the exact amount of program yield will be offered to the Client.
After the client and the Trading Platform had signed the Investment contract, the Client will instruct his Bank to block/reserve his cash funds for the period of the trading operation in favour of the Trading Platform.

The trading platform will deduct in Investment contract five (5%) of the Clients’ Program Yield of 100% and pay directly to the Facilitators and Intermediaries on a daily basis on the exact amount of program yield via Swift MT-103.
If necessary, the Chief Facilitator can provide the services of a paymaster agreed by the platform ( Cost at 0.5% ).
The Chief Facilitator will assist all facilitators and intermediaries with opening new bank accounts in HSBC London or Hong Kong to receive their fees (if necessary) and provide tax planning and advise, whenever necessary.
All intermediaries need to provide his Client Information Sheet (CIS), passport copy and full bank details for FED Approval and Proof of Address (if they wish the Platform to open Bank Accounts for them to receive their commissions).

Informations and contact : [email protected]

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