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#319412 by Ramzi_aljadi Mon Feb 13, 2017 2:35 pm
Thanks for your response and interest. to give you an insight on this contract, this is a one year contract supply project, and the product to supply is "Visco Drill" for drilling operations. ViscoDril is Effective in mud with densities of 9 to 16 ppg (1.08 to q.92 SG) and oil-to-water ratios from 70:30 to 90:10. Suitable for use in drilling fluids at bottom hole temperatures up to 500 °F (260 °C), Proven technology in land and offshore HTHP drilling and Additive for optimum hole cleaning in highly deviated wells greater than 45°. Your responsibility is to have an agreement with the manufacturer, make sure the chemical is supplied to our project site on monthly basis after the contract is awarded to you.

KUFPEC requires a reliable person/company to contract as international agent to supply this product to them for the period of one year, for its offshore projects. This contract doesn't really demand a qualification in Oil and Gas because your duty as the Agent is to ensure that the manufacturing company delivers the Goods at the appropriate and appointed time. Please note that this contract might not distract you from your present work or employment (depending on your agreement with the supplier or manufacturing company) also you will have subordinates.

After submitting your organizational or individual credentials to KUFPEC contract Award Department for verification of competence, if you are certified of been able to handle a contract of this magnitude and they are dully certified upon verification of your credentials and capability, you shall be invited to Kuwait for face to face meeting and award of the contract as KUFPEC International Representative/Supply Agent for one year, and after the one year supply contract you shall be appointed the Regional Representative of KUFPEC on supply and logistics.

KUFPEC interest to import this chemical from (Asia/Middle East) market is based on the research carried out by the technical scientists that Asia/Middle East manufactured ViscoDrill is discovered more natural than European, American etc products. This contract will also create an opportunity to unite people from different nationality in regards to Kuwait Oil & Gas 2030 vision. Your performance during this one year assignment will determine your future corporation with KUFPEC and your new appointment shall be discussed.

You shall also be entitled to Accommodation Allowance in your home/residence country, monthly Flight Allowance from your country to manufacturer factory for goods inspection before dispatch. Upon signing the contract officially between you and KUFPEC, KUFPEC will pay you the sum of 100,000.00 KWD (Kuwaiti Dinar) = 330,600.00 USD (US Dollar) being for Agent Establishment Fee for the one year contract duration which reason is to facilitate you to establish agent office (KUFPEC Representative Office) in your country of domicile.

Contact the Contract Department with the below contact and introduction of your self, for more details of the contract project. Please note that while contacting the Contract Award Department, you are advice to attach the following documents for verification and also referencing me for clarification.

1. Resume/CV
2. Your Full Names
3 Your Address (s)/Phone Contact
4. Your Country of Origin and Domiciled Country
5. Company Registration (Optional)


Mr. Jamal Jassem Al-Hubail
Manager - Corporate Planning & Coordination Directorate
Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company
Administrative Shuwaikh – Area 4 – Street 102 - Building No. 9
P.O. Box 5291 Safat, 13053 Kuwait
Tel: +96524951818
Fax: +96566121807
Email: [email protected]

Kindly use "Recommendation ROVO/AIA/04CP/KWT" as your subject to enable fast and immediate response to your message.Kindly reply me back as soon as you have contact the Contract Awarding Department and forward the document to me too.

I am looking forward to hear from you soon.

Insha Allah,

Mohammed abdullah

#325850 by ghg Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:15 pm
We acknowledge the receipt of your expression of interest regards to the position of our international representative/supply agent. We hereby decide to give you more details of the position as required. Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company (KUFPEC) seriously requires an international representative/agent, but must be a reliable and sincere person/company who will contribute positively towards achieving the aim of our project, the Exploration of Paharpur Block and the Jati Exploration Block in Sindh, Pakistan. KUFPEC signed an Exploration License and Petroleum Concession Agreement with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan awarding KUFPEC exploration rights in the Paharpur Block in Pakistan. The signing ceremony was held on Friday 13 March 2015 in Islamabad under the presence of H.E. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, the Pakistan Minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources..
You will work as a contracted agent, make inquiry from manufacturers of the product "ViscoDrill" from United Kingdom as approved and recommended by the scientist/technical team of KUFPEC that United Kingdom has the best and natural ViscoDrill needed for such project. Your major responsibility is to make the required product available (ViscoDrill) and supply to our project site in Pakistan on monthly basis or upon request by KUFPEC or its subsidiary. Also you will be responsible to inspecting the goods at the manufacturer's factory, a day or 2 days before its shipment to Pakistan and KUFPEC will take care of your travel cost from your country to the manufacturer's factory. After every process of selection is concluded, you will be invited officially to our head office here in Kuwait for the signing of the contract agreement (Hard Copy), legal documents, and other formalities. Also you will undergo a 2 weeks training course here in Kuwait (If the agent needs such training), KUFPEC will borne the cost of training. The training will give you more knowledge about KUFPEC operations and your assignment.

In addition, you will be paid an agent establishment fee of 100,000.00 KWD (Kuwaiti Dinar) = 330,600.00 USD (US Dollar) for one year, then you will get an instant pay of $5 on each liter of the product you supplied to us, as your working commission/salary. The agent establishment fee is geared towards facilitating you to establish and open an office in your country as our international agent. Also the monthly supply quantity is 25,000 liters (125 drums of 200-litre drum) per month. You are also entitled to Accommodation Allowance in your home/residence country, monthly Flight Allowance from your country to manufacturer factory for goods inspection before dispatch and one year Insurance cover. All these are stated in the contract agreement that will be signed between you and KUFPEC, and this contract agreement will be sent to you upon confirmation of the availability of the product.

All the above mentioned will be effective after confirming you our international agent according to the selection criteria, and your reliability towards such position. The monthly product (25,000 lts) cost price and delivery charges will be paid by KUFPEC through you as our agent; meanwhile you are expected to be reliable and accountable towards utilizing the fund for its original purpose. Moreover, you will present to us a monthly report on your financial activities and our project supervisors will visit you at the end of every month to ascertain progress on your monthly report. At the expiration of this one year contract and according to your performance, you shall be appointed KUFPEC permanent Regional Representative/Agent on supply and logistics. Get back to us if you are interested and can handle such a contract as international agent, then we shall proceed with the contract terms and conditions.

Thanking you for your co-operation and looking forward to your reply.


Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Jamal Jassem Al-Hubail

Manager - Corporate Planning & Coordination Directorate

Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company

Administrative Shuwaikh – Area 4 – Street 102 - Building No. 9

P.O. Box 5291 Safat, 13053 Kuwait

Tel: +96524951818

Fax: +96569607690

Email: [email protected]
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