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#340350 by Carlabanker Thu Sep 28, 2017 2:59 am
A scammer and time-waster with a fanciful financial program.

Dear Ms,

in the attachment of this mail you will find the conditions and a list of necessary
documents the platform requests the owner to hand in for Private Placement Programs.

The Investor always has to be the owner of the funds and all signatures have to
be genuines and all bank documents and the CIS mustn't be older than three days. The CIS must contain current contact data of the owner so that the platform
can contact him /her immediately, day and night.

The owner Needs to write a short letter that he is willing to trade his funds and that
his bank will block his Money in his account when the platform demands it and also a letter that 20% of the monthly Returns go to the platform which will pay the Trader and the intermediaries from that Money. We send you an example for that letter which you can use. The Transpax AG is the platform's Trustee Association in Switzerland.

The platform will only react and start their work when all necessary documents have been handed in correctly and filled in completely. Then the Trader will contact the Investor and they will create the contract in private.

The trade will go for one year and a day and during that time the Investor will get monthly Returns of 80% , the Money is paid weekly into an account of the investor's choice. And he will be able to open up to three parallel trades with his Returns, also with 80% monthly Returns. But he has to announce whether he wants parallel trades before starting it all. The Investor has to make a safety deposit of 100k during the time
of the contract signing and the the start of the trade. When the trade starts, he or she will get the safety deposit of 100k back.This will be part of the contract.

I hope this offer will please your Investors and I hope that the platform can accept your documents.
We will wait for your Reply.

Kind regards

Iris Guesloff

PPP Cash Trade from $/€ 100 million

in the first step, all the documents listed below are sent to [email protected] without exception
- Cis & Passport (blank attached)
- Confirmation of MT760 or MT542 on request (blank attached)
- Confirmation of receipt of 20% of the returns (blank attached)
- Confirmation for security deposit payment (blank attached)
- Statement of account
!!! All documents may not be older than 2 days. The contact details of the investor must be stated in full. If this is not the case, the documents are rejected and a PPP trade is not approved. A trade takes place exclusively in the currency Euro and Dollar. The guidelines of the platform apply as prescribed by the FED. Our procedure is inevitable to keep one !!!
After receipt of all documents, the examination (duration between 2 and 5 working days)
Our trustee reports directly to the investor for a brief introductory talk after a positive test result.
If the investor understood everything, the contractual part follows the trader platform.
The contract is concluded in Switzerland.
Entry is required. Costs are borne by the investor.
Once the investor has received an appointment from the platform, a contract conclusion is secure.
The contract is concluded and the investment sum is placed.
Start of the trades in 2 to 4 weeks.
Running time approx. 8 - 12 months.
Return Monthly 100% Gross / 80% Net (paid weekly)
Connection or parallel trade are possible up to 3 times.

Security deposit
The deposit is due before the contract is concluded.
After the start of the trades the investor receives the deposit back.

#428295 by Carlabanker Mon Sep 27, 2021 2:21 pm
His new scam:

Off Ledger Platform Trade €/$ 10 B minimum Off Ledger Funds-Heritage Funds
€/£/$ 10 Billion Minimum to €/£/$ 1 Trillion Maximum
Returns 400% Monthly Profits gross =100% per week.
2021 United Nations Sanctioned Tier 1 Trade Program
No Swift Required
No Admin Hold or Any Type of Blocking
No Tear Sheet Required (However it speeds up the POF verification process)
No Movement of Funds
United Nations Sanctioned Trade Program for Off Ledger and Heritage Funds
For the TRADE to proceed the client shall open a sub-account (Non-Depletion account) and the account holder will add the nominated Trader as a signatory
A Non-Depletion Sub Account is defined as a sub-account opened in the name of client who is the EXCLUSIVE " funds owner signatory" and only the signature of the owner of the fund’s owner can withdraw or move funds from any bank account.
The nominated Trader has No Bank Access to Move Your Funds in or out of the sub- account. The trader has VIEW ACCESS ONLY for the balance of the account to be checked monthly. Enabling up to 400% monthly trade profits to be sent to the client.
Since the trade is sponsored by a federal licensed fund, this is IMPORTANT. Please ensure that the client, asks their bank officer directly to verify that a Non- Depletion sub-account is a VIEW ONLY account, and the funds can only be moved by the owner of the funds.
The Trade Platform Will Be Using Their Own Funds For the TRADE.
The trade can go up to €/£/$1 Trillion, but the sweet spot is €/£/$ 10B to €/£/$ 500B.
All applicants will submit a currently dated full KYC / CIS package including currently dated POF & BCL, no older than 48 hrs.
Each page must be initialed and signed in blue ink.
Due diligence will automatically commence, allow between 3 and 5 days to complete.
When the due diligence has been completed and applicant has been accepted in principle (AIP) the investor will receive a phone call from the trade manager, who will introduce himself, make an offer to the investor, talk him through the contract agreement, upon investor/trader mutual agreement, the trader will send the contract agreement by email within 48 hours after the phone call.
The investor then signs the Trade & Profit-Sharing Agreements as described above, sends it back to the trader who in turn counter signs the agreement and returns it to the investor for his records.
Brokers, Consultants or Intermediaries are protected by profit-sharing agreement.

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