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#17742 by The Enchantress Fri Nov 27, 2009 4:30 pm
Welcome to Scamwarners soxchris.

Re-posting your information to enable google to search the mail addresses.

[email protected] is also using this email [email protected]

Thank You for posting this information - it will alert and save others from being scammed.

If you have any questions, concerns or further information please post.

A support team member will be happy to help you anyway we can.

Also please report to your local police any concerns about your personal safety.

I have just re-read this thread - and it appears that this scammers IP = = Lagos, Nigeria


Scamwarners advice "What do I do if I've been scammed/nearly scammed?"

Cease all communications with the scammer immediately. Delete any emails unopened and hang up if the scammer calls you.

Report the scam to your local police and to the Internet Crime Complaint Centre if you are in the US. There is not much chance that the scammer will be caught, as he is probably overseas and certainly using false details. However, the more scams are reported, the more the authorities can tell how widespread it is, and the greater the effort that goes into stopping it.

If you have given the scammer your bank account, credit card or other financial details, tell your bank, card company or other provider immediately, and ask them to change your accounts and card numbers.

Do not accept any deliveries that are from the scammer or that you are not expecting. If you receive a check or something similar (such as a money order) take it to your bank or local police and tell them you think it is fake.

Do not panic. Whilst scammers are criminals and some of them are dangerous, the risks are negligible if you simply stop communicating with them. If you are in any doubt about your safety, report your concerns to your local police, who will be able to advise you.

Spread the word. We know it's very uncomfortable to feel that you got scammed, or nearly got scammed, but if you fell for it, so will others. Talking about it may be hard, but the more you help educate everyone about scams, the less opportunities there are for scammers to defraud others.

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Never send money by Western Union/Moneygram.
Never give personal information.
Online anyone can claim to be anyone, any age and from anywhere.

#17782 by soxcris001 Sat Nov 28, 2009 12:59 pm
scammer [email protected] is also using this email [email protected] becarefull!

Thank you so much for the advice, I will contact the authorities ASAP.... oh! one more thing I was so scared yesterday that, I told the scammer that the item is not longer for sale... cuz I saw something similar on one fo the posts.....I hope I did not make it worse....



#17785 by Michelle Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:13 pm
Telling the scammer that the item is no longer for sale is probably the best thing you could have done. If he writes to you again simply ignore it and do not reply.

These particular scammers are trawling on-line listing sites such as craigslist and making 'offers to buy' from hundreds of people each day. He will soon move on when he realises that you won't be falling for the scam.

As he has your address there is a small chance that you will receive a counterfeit cheque. If you do receive a cheque from him. The way I see it you will have three main options:-

* Take the cheque and any packaging to your local police , although they won't do much with it unless you have lost money in the scam. If you are in the USA obtain form 'PS Form 8165 - U.S. Postal Inspection Service Mail Fraud Report' from your Postmaster and file a report.

* When the check arrives,mark it as fraudulent and save it as a souvenir of a near miss,

* Rip it up and bin it.

Then write to him and tell him that you tried to bank the cheque and the bank told you that it was fake. You can also contact the bank that the check is written on and notify them that the account is compromised and being used by a scammer.

#23788 by teccs Sat Mar 06, 2010 9:09 pm
He has also contacted me. He is using the yahoo id of darrell_mathis_ca now and the name of Terry Ruble. He gave a Newark Ohio address this time.

Here is a transcript of the IM conversation. He also emailed me an application to fill out and requires a copy of my drivers license. So this is a money scam as well as an identity theft scam. Obviously, the Terry Ruble he mentioned and gave me an address for is fake. I feel for that fellow. I reported abuse to yahoo on him. Lets hope that gets him shut down there. My daughter was contacted via craigslist. Be careful there too.

Show Recent Messages (F3)

We're sorry! DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS does not appear to be using a version of Yahoo! Messenger that supports video calling.

DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: Where do you got my im Pls
xxxxxxxxx: My daughter, xxxxxx.
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: did she got the information on the Application Form
xxxxxxxxx: No. She got text messages from you.
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: and do she told you what yuou be doing/
xxxxxxxxx: A little bit. Please send me details. Would you like to email me?
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: What is your name and where are you from and your pls
xxxxxxxxx: I am xxxxxxxxxxx. Where are you from?
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: Do you have a computer printer and scanner
xxxxxxxxx: Yes.
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: and first before we continue our Conversation where is xxxxxxxx and is she not interested in the JOb Anymore
xxxxxxxxx: I don't know if she is interested anymore. I have not talked to her today.
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: Ok can you pls give me her number to ask that first cause i have loosed her number
xxxxxxxxx: What company would I be working for?
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: Cleverbook Company
xxxxxxxxx: What is their web site?
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: What you will be doing is that you will printing and dispacthing checks to our client Via Ups or fedex and get paid Via westernunion or Moneygram transfer
xxxxxxxxx: What is the purpose of Cleverbook Company?
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: Yes we buy and sells goods like fabrics, textile , cotton,woods to the Client and we pay them with a checks and that is the check you gonna be printing and mailing out Via Our Ups or Fedex Account
xxxxxxxxx: What is the address of Cleverbook company?
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: Riva Fabrics Limited
Thwaites Close, Shadsworth Business Park, Blackburn, BB1 2QQ
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: So do you got the Now
xxxxxxxxx: Yes.
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: So what Up now are you interested or not
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: are you getting my message Tim
xxxxxxxxx: Yes. I am. Sorry for the delay.
xxxxxxxxx: Why would I be paid by Western Union or Money Gram when that is so expensive for you. Why do you not pay me with a check like other employers?
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: No Cause if you print a checks in your name they wil not cash it for you cause it those name am given you that the name to be on the check has been programmed Ok
xxxxxxxxx: Do you provide the cartridges for the magentic ink to print checks?
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: SO you wioll get paid by westernunion Or Moneygram
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: no you can use any Ink
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: Wht type of ink are you using?
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: and what type of printer and scanner?
xxxxxxxxx: Normal HP printer - normal ink. I have epson and HP scanners. What is the scanner needed for?
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: You would need to be scanning a sample check if i ask for it Ok and you would need to Fill out an Application Form now and scan a copy of your id to my email now
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: can you do that?
xxxxxxxxx: Can you send me the application form?
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: and also you would need some programs
xxxxxxxxx: What programs?
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: Like Versacheck software and Versacheckpapper and Brown security Envelopes
xxxxxxxxx: You will supply the items for me to work for you?
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: But i will help you with the Versacheck software cause it cost too much Money and you will get the rest items yourself
xxxxxxxxx: Please go ahead and send me the application form. Also what is your address?
955 welsh view dr apt B6
Newark OH 43055
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: That is my address
xxxxxxxxx: Do you want my email address to send me the application?
xxxxxxxxx: <removed>DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: Ok
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: is your scanner working now well
xxxxxxxxx: Yes.
xxxxxxxxx: I am confused. Who is signing the checks? What account will they be drawn on?
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: i wil give you the signature to be on the check and also i wil be given you the Company bank information to be on the check oK
xxxxxxxxx: OK. Please go ahead and send me the application.
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: Are you Aware that you gonna scan a copy of your driverlicense to it
xxxxxxxxx: I understand.
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: Ok then check your email it has been sent Ok
xxxxxxxxx: OK
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: and do you have a phone number that can received a text message Tim
xxxxxxxxx: No. I don't have text messaging.
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: did you got my email
xxxxxxxxx: Yes. I got the email.
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: are you filling it out now
xxxxxxxxx: I will fill it out and send it back to you Monday. I have some work I have to do right now.
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: Oh there is alot of people wanting this job so is eitther you do necessary things now or never
xxxxxxxxx: Monday is the soonest I can do so.
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: So what gonna happen with the checkpapper and the Brown security Envelopes now
xxxxxxxxx: I will get them on Monday as well.
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: what time will you come online on monday
xxxxxxxxx: 10am or so.
xxxxxxxxx: What time is it there now?
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: Talk to you then Ok
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: Bye i need do some work ere and help me greet Stephanie Ok
xxxxxxxxx: What time is it there now?
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: the time now is 7:46pm
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: What6 is your age pls if i may ask?
xxxxxxxxx: 52
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: and are you a fast learner
xxxxxxxxx: Yes. I learn very quickly and easily.
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: OK no problem have a nice day Tim
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS: Your Welcome talk to you tommorow when am back from church OK
xxxxxxxxx: OK.
DARRELL L.TERRY MATHIS has signed out. (3/6/2010 5:50 PM)

Last message received on 3/6/2010 at 5:49 PM

Identifying information removed - Michelle
#29042 by selliott Thu May 20, 2010 1:04 pm
I have recieved almost the same from this terry ruble person. I put a resume on craigslist and recieved first an email saying are you still looking for a job? Then I started receiving text messages from yahoo that came from a username of darrellmathisca, but they say there name is terry ruble. I kept asking questions like do you have a business license, what state do you pay taxes to, how much do I have to come out of pocket to do this. I was told that I would be making about $1000 a month printing checks from home. I asked how do I know if this is a valid account or if this was just a scam. This man or woman offered to give me a copy of their drivers license to prove they are not pulling a scam. That they would need to come over to my house to show me how to install some software I have to buy from OfficeDepot and that I would be on my way to making money. I told him/her that I would have to do some research before I put my livelihood on the line. I am a college student and am more than aware of the scam artists this world is infected with. I am so glad I listened to my gut! This person does need to be caught though, how many people has he managed to scam over the years. This person said they have been doing this for 30 years, kind of makes you wonder! :oops:
#29505 by slyblue613 Fri May 28, 2010 4:24 pm
I have recieved a job offer from this Terry Ruble person newark ohio age 64 also offered drivers license and got pissed when I asked if it was a scam I will post yahoo chat now I posted my resume on craigslist thats how I was found. If it isnt a scam then I guess I just passed up a job but is it even legal to print checks for a business dont you have to have a license or something, I searched it on Google because it just didnt sound right to me at all and it popped up under this website I am glad I checked not that I would of given out my info anyways but atleast maybe this post will help someone else thanks everyone for this I am glad this website is here.

----- Our chat on Fri, 5/28/10 1:19 PM -----

riva fabrics (12:52 PM): <ding>
riva fabrics (12:52 PM): Hello
Bethanie (12:53 PM): hello
riva fabrics (12:54 PM): What is your name and where are you from and your age
Bethanie (12:54 PM): my name is Removed
riva fabrics (12:54 PM): Ok
riva fabrics (12:55 PM): What is your age and are you a male or female
Bethanie (12:55 PM): female
Bethanie (12:55 PM): Removed
riva fabrics (12:55 PM): Ok you said you are interested in the job is that right
Bethanie (12:55 PM): well not now that I found you on a scammers website
riva fabrics (12:56 PM): Oh My God
riva fabrics (12:56 PM): That is not me
Bethanie (12:56 PM): are you sure?
Bethanie (12:56 PM): looks like it to me
riva fabrics (12:56 PM): is someone that work for me a long time ago that is trying to get a rid of me and scam me and i report him to the FBI
Bethanie (12:57 PM): hm ok
Bethanie (12:57 PM): well is there anything you can give me that can prove that?
riva fabrics (12:57 PM): am not the type
riva fabrics (12:57 PM): the person even use my name and my addrss
riva fabrics (12:58 PM): My name is Terry ruble from newark OHIO 64yrs
Bethanie (12:58 PM): yes
Bethanie (12:58 PM): thats on there to
riva fabrics (12:58 PM): i think you got that also on the there
Bethanie (12:58 PM): yea that is on the website also
riva fabrics (12:58 PM): So what i can use to prove myself for you now is a scan copy of my driverlicense Ok
Bethanie (12:59 PM): how is that going to prove anything?
Bethanie (12:59 PM): that your a person
riva fabrics (12:59 PM): Yeah
Bethanie (12:59 PM): I am going to need more then that
riva fabrics (12:59 PM): Yeah and i am the real person not the xxxxing fake man
riva fabrics (12:59 PM): what again do you need
Bethanie (12:59 PM): does this company have a website?
Bethanie (12:59 PM): dont cuss at me
riva fabrics (12:59 PM): yeah
Bethanie (1:00 PM): whats the site?
riva fabrics (1:00 PM): lol
riva fabrics (1:00 PM): Am not just trying to let you know whatt the fake man does
Bethanie (1:00 PM): ok
riva fabrics (12:59 PM): and the company buy and sells fabrics,textiles,cotton and the company pay them with a checks and that is the check you gonna be printing
Bethanie (1:01 PM): ok I will look at it
Bethanie (1:02 PM): sorry it just seems odd
riva fabrics (1:02 PM): How
riva fabrics (1:02 PM): You mean you dont trust me or what
Bethanie (1:03 PM): I dont trust anyone who says they will pay me with a money order
riva fabrics (1:03 PM): Oh No
Bethanie (1:03 PM): sorry
riva fabrics (1:03 PM): i dont pay you with a moneyorder
Bethanie (1:04 PM): ok then what?
Bethanie (1:04 PM): check?
riva fabrics (1:04 PM): You will get paid Via westernunion or Moneygram instant cash and not a check or moneyorder Ok
Bethanie (1:04 PM): ok
Bethanie (1:04 PM): what do I have to do to start
Bethanie (1:04 PM): it may take some time because I have no money right now
Bethanie (1:04 PM): but I am interested in the job
riva fabrics (1:05 PM): do you have a computer printer and scanner
Bethanie (1:05 PM): yes
riva fabrics (1:06 PM): Ok the company will provide all the materials that cost too much money for you but you would need to get an items at officemax less than $20 and you would fil out an Application Form and pickup some Ups Enverlopes and Airwaybills at Ups dropped off box for free and get started immidiately
Bethanie (1:08 PM): ok
riva fabrics (1:08 PM): so what ow
Bethanie (1:09 PM): I can get it taken care of monday
riva fabrics (1:09 PM): You mean the items you need or what
Bethanie (1:10 PM): yes
riva fabrics (1:10 PM): Ok
Bethanie (1:11 PM): so I have a question
Bethanie (1:11 PM): who is darrel mathisca?
Bethanie (1:11 PM): if your name is terry I am confused
riva fabrics (1:11 PM): Yeah
riva fabrics (1:11 PM): That is my Boss name
Bethanie (1:11 PM): huh?
riva fabrics (1:12 PM): Yeah
Bethanie (1:12 PM): what does that mean
riva fabrics (1:12 PM): My boss name is darrell Mathisca
riva fabrics (1:12 PM): and am using my boss email to talk to you
riva fabrics (1:12 PM): any question again
Bethanie (1:12 PM): um no
Bethanie (1:13 PM): I got it
riva fabrics (1:13 PM): can you fill out the Application Form now and when you email me back that then you should go and pickup some Ups Envelopes and airwaybills at dropped off box
Bethanie (1:13 PM): not at the moment but go ahead and email it to me and I will get it filled out
Bethanie (1:13 PM): and mail it back to you as soon as possible
riva fabrics (1:14 PM): You cant go and pickup some Ups Envelopes at the moment?
Bethanie (1:14 PM): no I cant
riva fabrics (1:14 PM): Ok mind you they are free
Bethanie (1:14 PM): ok
riva fabrics (1:15 PM): and when would you email me the application form filled out
Bethanie (1:15 PM): where do I pick them up I cant go now but later probably
Bethanie (1:15 PM): maybe tonight if I can monday at the latest
riva fabrics (1:15 PM): ok
riva fabrics (1:15 PM): Ups dropped off box location
Bethanie (1:15 PM): ok
riva fabrics (1:16 PM): ok
riva fabrics (1:17 PM): where do i send the form to
Bethanie (1:17 PM): can you send it to my email
riva fabrics (1:17 PM): yeah
Bethanie (1:18 PM): ok
Bethanie (1:18 PM): what do I need from office depot
Bethanie (1:18 PM): so I can make a list
riva fabrics (1:18 PM): Not Officedepot is Officemax
Bethanie (1:18 PM): o
Bethanie (1:18 PM): k
riva fabrics (1:19 PM): Bussinescheck form#1000
Bethanie (1:19 PM): ok
riva fabrics (1:19 PM): that is only the items
Bethanie (1:19 PM): ok

Some minor edits to hide member identity - Ralph
#29507 by GomerPyle Fri May 28, 2010 6:29 pm
If you step back and think about it, why would a UK company employ someone in the USA (Terry Ruble) whose role is to employ someone else (you) to print checks for them ? Is Terry Ruble not able to do this and it's very unlikely any company would allow such an arrangement even if there were some benefit in doing it, which there isn't. No company would allow a person to print their checks without a face to face interview at least.

Sendng a UK check to someone in the US to make a payment is a hopelessly inefficient and expensive way to make a payment and any company would make the payment electonically.

This arrangement serves no business purpose and the only benefit is to allow a scammer to recruit you as his counterfeiter. ... am-baiting

This is a slightly different situation, with the cammer attempting to persuade a victim (who knows what's going on) to print a one off check to purchase goods from him, with an overpayment involved. The problem the scammer has is to provide a half sensible reason as to why they can't print their own checks, especially as they always have such detailed knowledge of how it's done.

The job he's actually offering you is as his counterfeiter and distributor, with the very likely chance of arrest.

Non-EU citizens should go here to find out about obtaining a visa to work as an au pair in the UK
Whenever payment is requested by Western Union you're dealing with a scammer
#29559 by slyblue613 Sat May 29, 2010 7:36 pm
so I went and talked to The real Terry Rubles Brother Howard Ruble on facebook and he said that someone stole his brothers ID and they dont know who and so then I signed back onto yahoo and talked to this fake guy again as you can all see he didnt have much to say hahahahahahahaha I am gave this website to the real people so they can come on and maybe this guy can have his identity back I really feel sorry for this guy but I am glad that I may b able to help

----- Our chat on Sat, 5/29/10 4:31 PM -----

riva fabrics (4:18 PM): <ding>
riva fabrics (4:18 PM): hello brithanie
Bethanie (4:20 PM): hi
Bethanie (4:20 PM): its bethanie
Bethanie (4:20 PM): btw
Bethanie (4:21 PM): so how is the weather in ohio today
riva fabrics (4:21 PM): Hm Ok
riva fabrics (4:21 PM): and i got your comment on the man trying to get a rid of me that you comment on him
Bethanie (4:22 PM): huh?
Bethanie (4:22 PM): what comment
riva fabrics (4:22 PM): That the person is a scam
Bethanie (4:22 PM): what person
Bethanie (4:22 PM): what are you talking about
riva fabrics (4:24 PM): Nevermind
Bethanie (4:25 PM): mk
Bethanie (4:25 PM): that didnt make any sense
riva fabrics (4:25 PM): I check googled now and you are on googled about the man that trying to get a rid of my email
Bethanie (4:26 PM): are you talking about the scamwarners website?
riva fabrics (4:26 PM): Yeah
Bethanie (4:26 PM): o yea
Bethanie (4:26 PM): I did that
riva fabrics (4:26 PM): Ok Good
riva fabrics (4:27 PM): so does it make sense now
Bethanie (4:27 PM): hm not really
riva fabrics (4:27 PM): Ok
riva fabrics (4:27 PM): so whats is the deal now
Bethanie (4:27 PM): do you have any brothers or sisters?
riva fabrics (4:27 PM): are you still interested in the Job or Not
riva fabrics (4:28 PM): Yeah
Bethanie (4:28 PM): what are their names?
riva fabrics (4:28 PM): Steve Ruble
riva fabrics (4:29 PM): Whats Happens
Bethanie (4:30 PM): well since I talked to the real Terry Ruble I assume you will be turned into the cops pretty soon o and also I know you arent in Ohio you are in California told you I was smarter then you think
Bethanie (4:31 PM): so I guess the answer is no I dont want to work for your company O also I talked to Riva Fabrics and they never heard of you
Bethanie (4:31 PM): so nice try but im not a xxxxin idiot

Riva Fabrics has signed off

1 slight edit to avoid offending anybody - Ralph
#29560 by Ralph Sun May 30, 2010 1:21 am
Hi Skyblue,

Thank you for the information you have provided.

One of the pieces of advice we give to all people who have discovered a scam is to completely ignore the person as soon as you find they are scammers.

There are some limited exceptions where we may suggest one final reply but generally, the advice is to completely ignore them.

There are many reasons for this, here are 3;

1) Sometimes, a scammer may convince somebody that they are real, even with the mountain of evidence we have.

2) Some people may be threatened and / or intimidated by the scammer, if you do not reply that is very unlikely, if you do not read their emails it doesn't matter if they do.

3) You may inadvertantly tell the scammer something that may help him in his attempts to scam others.

What has happened has already happened, we cant change that but I make this point in the interest of anybody who may be reading along thinking it's a good idea to do what has been done here.

Having information on scammers is good, it saves many from being scammed but it is not worth paying a price to do so.

By telling the scammer about this site, he now knows exactly what information is posted on him and he will change that information, he may even spend some time to look around and find some others who have left their contact details posted or somebody who he thinks will be a good victim., he might even find some extra information to help him scam, had he not been told about us, he may not have found it.

Pointing out the various reasons why you suspect he is a scammer is also not a good idea, he will look at refining those areas of his scam.

Lastly, I doubt very much that he is in California, it is much more likely that he is in Africa.

I realise the temptation to "out" the scammer and attempt to intimidate him into choosing another career path, but unfortunately, that is not the best way of doing it ;)
#29575 by Dotti Sun May 30, 2010 11:14 am
Just to expand a little on what Ralph said:

Lastly, I doubt very much that he is in California, it is much more likely that he is in Africa.

Any IP showing Mountain View, California (which is what I would expect from this scammer), or Sunnyvale, California is not an indicator of the scammer's real location. Those locations are google's and yahoo's headquarters, respectively. This scammer is undoubtedly African, and is most likely operating from Africa (or Malaysia).

Need to post photos?
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#30699 by LadyinRed526 Wed Jun 16, 2010 3:28 pm

Thanks to this site, I was protected from being a victim of a scam. I posted a fridge online for sale on Craig's list and the following email responded to me

<[email protected]>

I was warrned from others this might be a scam due to how he/she wanted to conduct business, so I did some reseach and when I Googled this address, it brought me to this web site.

He/she sent me a check and wanted me to wire it to Western Union.

I found it odd that it was sent to me from Texas, but the check was issued in Chicago.

I sent the person an email that this transaction has been canceled and that I found them on this site.

Hopefully they stay away, or I will contact the police.
#30712 by Ralph Wed Jun 16, 2010 6:31 pm
Hi Ladyinred, welcome to Scamwarners.

I am glad you realised something was wrong and looked into it before sending money, well done.

For future reference, once you realise that its a scam, please do not reply to them, dont tell them you know it's a scam or dont continue to email to have some fun, just simply ignore them.

By telling them that their details are posted here they will most likely do a couple of things that do not help us, they will change etheir fake name and details so their new details no longer come up in searches, then they may look around to see if they can learn anything useful.

Scammers come from all over the world but the vast majority of scammers that are running this scam come from Africa where police simply can not do anything to stop them, our best defence is to teach people about scams so that they recognise them and avoid losing money to them so please do tell others about your experience.

Take a look around and if you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask
#32244 by montas Mon Jul 05, 2010 12:00 pm
[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

All of those scamers write letters for me, when I post something on

usually they asking:

" Hi,
Do you still have it for sale and i hope it's not a scam.

Sent from my Verizon Wireless Blackberry "


Thanks for your reponse, i want to buy your item for my nephew who traveled to West Africa to visit his parents, i will like it to be delivered to him because am currently out of town and i won't be able to come over. I will be adding an extra $120 for shipment fees and i will be making payment through paypal. If you have a paypal account, send money request to my paypal email address ([email protected]) so that i can make payment as soon as possible and if you dont have, go to paypal website and sign up for a personal account, its free. Hope to hear from you soon.

Shannon Papps

At last,

ey mate i have just made the payment please do get the item shipped
today and get back to me with the shipping tracking number okay
Here is the name and address you are shipping the item to
Name :Jeremy Wale Matt ,
Address :39 Lagere Area
State : Osun,
City : Ife
Zip code :23436
Country :Nigeria

i will prefer you ship the item Via usps Express Mail Service

so be careful, because they send me fake PayPal link which was like real.

Transaction ID: 4DD859429VF164720S
Routing Code: D096-C9873-Q709-Y2645
Hello [email protected]
Jeremy Smith has sent you an Auction Payment with PayPay([email protected])

The Money has been deducted from the buyer account and APPROVED to be credit in to your account
Seller PayPal ID
[email protected] Note to seller
You have paid for an item ( Pentax K10D on Sale! - $620).
Shipping address - confirmed
Name :Jeremy Wale Matt ,
Address :39 Lagere Area
State : Osun,
City : Ife
Zip code :23436
Country :Nigeria.
Postage details
USPS (Priority Mail Delivery)*
Description Unit price Qty Amount
Pentax K10D on Sale! - $620
$620.00 USD 1 $620.00 USD

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#43313 by 3manifold Wed Dec 29, 2010 10:14 am
I'm in Denver, Colorado, USA, and a scammer using the same scheme, responded to a listing I posted in the "Resume" section of Craigslist. He's using the e-mail [email protected] and calls himself Nicolas Douglas. This time he says he works for A/P Personnel. I e-mailed him asking for a physical address and he sent the web address of a window covering company ( it's a real company ) in the U.K. : along with a variation of their phone number. I'll contact the company and let them know a scammer is representing their site as his own. This scam is a work at home job offer where I was supposed to print checks for the guy and mail them to the recipients. It's slick enough to fool some people who might be desperate for work. His communications have few misspellings- mostly capitalization and syntax errors. Anyway, he's mining Craigslist for victims, so watch out if you use that site.

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