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#365140 by Carlabanker Sun May 20, 2018 10:51 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

Bouko H. van der Kamp

The 1 Day Canary Wharf ABP trade 9x ( ≈ 900% ).
To participate in this program an applicant needs 500M+ on ledger cash at one of the 4 host banks in Canary Wharf London (HSBC, Barclays, JP MORGAN or DB). To engage please complete the attached program specific CIS and return it with your Passport and a currently dated POF. The returns are GUARANTEED if accepted into the program.
I Program Overview: Host Banks: HSBC, JPM, DB or Barclay's-London Canary Wharf ONLY.
*NOTE* :The platform is able to assist with opening up accounts for applicants with funds in other prime banks but the funds must be moved into the host bank for participation

Amount: 500M-2B (Larger numbers considered on a case by case basis)
Cash Requirements: On ledger liquid cash only,
Program: 1 day pays 9+ prior to trade start,
Block Requirement: Funds blocked for 1 year,
Use of Proceeds: Profits can be placed into additional credit enhancement /project funding opportunities (IE: MBS, FC instrument contract or matching funds trade).

Data to: [email protected]

#369779 by Bouko H. Thu Jul 26, 2018 5:45 am
Mod Note: This post was made by the scammer himself in an attempt to avoid losing victims. We are leaving it here to show how far these pathetic criminals will go to steal from their victims.

Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity. that were the words of a certain CarlaB???

Can this individue tell me what is here the 'scam'?

I was wondering otherwise I will ask the administrator here to remove this,................. since Carla is NOT listed with here real name and address!
Regards Bouko H. van der Kamp, +31 6 26 29 7905
#369781 by AlanJones Thu Jul 26, 2018 5:53 am
Thanks for providing more of your details, dumb scammer Bouko H. van der Kamp

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.
#369784 by Bryon Williams Thu Jul 26, 2018 7:47 am
Procedure PPP

Bouko H. van der Kamp
FollowBouko H. van der Kamp

Let the real owner send the answers on this Questions 1 / 13 in form of a RWA send to us!! We will continue with the procedure, first I would like to ask you to send me a request letter from you / the account holder, to take part in the trading of / in the platform, as a step I.

The letter should be addressed to the platform manager, but send to us per - direct - email. Within the information in the request letter, the platform manager should be receiving information from your side about the following details ( they / their = you! ) :

· 1 Your ´partner´ Bank and branch + their jurisdiction,

· 2 USD or Euros, amounts,

· 3 Individual or corporate or trust,

· 4 Nationality of passport holder,

· 5 Who has Power of Attorney? Is there a Board resolution available, signed by the UBO´s (+ 5%) ?

· 6 Jurisdiction of your involved attorney?

· 7 Can the bank on your side swift ( in Step II. after the Compliance/DD ) per MT799 / MT760?

· 8 Are “they“ willing to ´block´ the funds for one year, or even longer?

· 9 Have they been in trade before? If yes, what are their / your expectations?

· 10 Do they have (own) projects to fund?

· 11 Have they ever purchased paper BG’s or SBLC’s or MTN’s before?

· 12 Last but not least do you have a complete KYC and a fresh online POF (word choice and content according to international standards) to provide? So be so kind and send us your full coordinates for further communication. Be aware this is a hard requirement!

· 13 The accountholder is in the follow up prepared to open a direct contact to his bank and the involved bank managers, dealing with the account. Based on your information about the involved bank and the involved bankers (copy of their business cards + their pin is necessary), the "green channel" communication, which shows the communication by email between the bankers and you / fund owners, can be established.

Please note, that the request letter should only come from the accountholder (= overriding crucial signatory) direct and not through intermediaries. If you want to do so, address in the request letter your further questions, which should be answered by the platform manager, if it is not clear.

Questions? or remarks +31 6 26 29 7905

Please contacta moferatorstor if you have a question or information about this post.

Please do not tell the scammer he is posted here.

Please remember the fallen.
#369798 by AlanJones Thu Jul 26, 2018 1:44 pm
Another pathetic fake offer fromdumbass scammer Bouko H. van der Kamp

As promised, please find the 10M ** PPP **, it is extremely secure and can take in more than € / U$D 10M.

This is the most secure trade proposal in the financial market for amounts from 10M, the trader will assist to open an account in a Top Swiss or Liechtenstein Bank in the name of the client and under his sole signature, this is under total control of the client and nobody more, giving 50% gross 40% net monthly returns for amounts from 10M deposited in the client's account.

The funds will remain in the client´s account during the duration of trade without any block, clients funds are not used for the trading the trader use his own funds so the funds will never be blocked, encumbered or used as collateral, and the client will only need to keep the funds in the account to be paid.

This is a very good opportunity for investors looking for a totally safe and profitable ** Secure Bank Trade Program ** for amounts from 10 Million based on Buying and selling bonds from top banks – with a minimum A+ rating. The investor starts out with an amount from 10 to 99 Million Euro which is put into his own account at Top Swiss Bank, the trader will assist to open an account in the name of the investor and under his sole signature.

Monthly profits may be used to reinvest to achieve a compounding effect always for minimum amounts added in units of 1,000,000.- review attached document as a sample of returns with compounding effect.

This is an HK Based platform owned by 3 entities including Cutting House, Pension Fund, and the Trader. The client will sign with the trader, the Client will, if desired, be invited to meet with the trader in Switzerland for the signing of the contract.

Below you have the detailed proposal with procedures and attached you have documents required.


Investment: From 10 to 99M EURO (above 100M there is another procedure valid!)

Currencies: USD, EURO, GBP, CHF, CAD, AUD.

Return: 50% gross, 40% net returns per month

Duration: 1 year with optional renovations up to 5 years

Pay-out: Profits Paid monthly

Commissions: Paid by the Platform


1. The client provides Client Information Sheet (CIS) with passport, Authorization to verify (ATV), Sharing fee agreement with the platform (SFA) and acceptable Prove of Funds (POF) as Current Bank Statement where is clearly seen the bank, the branch, the account, the amount available and the account name. For corporates is also required a Board Resolution.

2. Once Due Diligence is done, the client may ask for a conference call with the Platform Representative. No conference calls with Facilitators without POF.

3. The Program manager will issue the contract for the client to review and sign, the client will, be invited to meet with the Program manager in Switzerland for the signing of the contract and the bank accounts. The client can choose between several Top banks in Zurich, Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

4. The Program manager will open the account with all the client's collaboration providing any additional documents that the bank needs. Once the account is open client will receive all documents from his new account and the bank officer contact for him to call directly to the bank.

5. The client transfers his funds to his own account in the bank and the trade begins.

6. Profit Participation disbursements and commission payments are made monthly for one year with optional renovations up to five years.




Also attached you have an example of how the compounding effect can be used.

I am available to go over any additional information that needs to be addressed to ensure the comfort level of everyone involved along with the client / applicant. Please submit the comprehensive data with evidence proving you are in charge and the funds are available clean & clear @ a real financial institute on 1st request & demand, before we start working on it. In other words this only can work if we get up-front all the necessary data (KYC/CIS, Request letter + the ‘why’ behind and POF of a major Bank) and not like the so called ‘Chinese’ procedure, to trigger their / your Credit line first from our side! So NO ‘turning the birds’. This is illegal and certainly NOT allowed, sorry. We don't send data into tra la la land, we need full details of applicant / owner /trader, please otherwise pass. Thank you. The why: this is secondary market as such fall under the securities act of 1933. We need transparency and when we get it we will respond..... to much internet baloney.

Have a very good day!! Data through : [email protected]

Regards, Bouko H van der Kamp / Intake & compliance

CC line upon request , the Authorized representative of PC-Trust

Disclaimer: Sender is not a United States Securities Dealer or Broker or United States Investment Adviser. This email letter and any and all attachments and related documents are never considered to be a solicitation for any purpose in any form or content. Upon receipt of these documents you, as the Recipient, hereby acknowledge this Warning and Disclaimer. These Confidential communications are protected under Gramm-Leach-Bailey Act 15 USC, Subchapter 1, sections 6801-6809 and other laws addressing the disclosure of Non-Public Personal Information including but not limited to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, Codified at 18 U.S.C. §§ 1367, 2510-2521, 2701-2710, 3121-3126.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.
#369896 by Bouko H. Sat Jul 28, 2018 12:08 am
Mode Note: Please note that this post was made by the scammer himself in order to try and salvage his scam.
It has been left here for people to see how devious these thieves can be!

We will not remove threads because of a scammers threat.

cc: Joachim Borggräfe <[email protected]>

Sir(s) read carefully, I, Bouko H. van der Kamp, Dutch citizen, give you 24 hours ( start today CET 15.30hr. ) to delete the entry were me name without demonstrable evidence is thrown into discredit by your forum. If you do not delete this whol entry, I will initiate criminal proceedings against you and your company and report you and “scamwarners” ( starting with Mr. Alen Jones - Regensdorf, a certain mr. Mike Wilson and a guy callled: Bryon Williams) to the (among others US) law enforcement authorities.

You have allowed unknown persons ( who the ‘’ is some lady Carlabanker?? ) to post untrue statements about me! With this you have permanently damaged my good reputation! You are responsible for the content of your website and what 'strangers' post there. Before such a scam record can be posted there, YOU are legally obliged to verify that the entry is true. YOU did not do that! For this reason YOU, as operator and owner of the website, are responsible for the damage you have caused me now and in the future!

Should the entry about my person /CIRB not be deleted until 27.07.2018, CET 16.00hr, I will pass the case through our involved lawyers in Frankfurt & Houston and reimburse criminal charges against you and your company.

Then without any adversarial from any of you, you posted this on your site very very weak!!

#369914 by AlanJones Sat Jul 28, 2018 1:10 am
Dumb scammer Bouko H. van der Kamp claims to be able to arrange complex financial opportunities for
Amount: 500M-2B (Larger numbers considered on a case by case basis)

That's right, dumb scammer Bouko H. van der Kamp can arrange deals in the hundreds of millions and even billions, using nothing more than a free Gmail email address, a mobile phone and posts on LinkedIn Groups.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.
#369919 by AlanJones Sat Jul 28, 2018 1:57 am
Dumb scammer Bouko H. van der Kamp also advertises his fake multi-million $ deals on Facebook (because everyone knows that Facebook is where all these types of deals are really done :roll: :laugh-s: )


The program has no risk to the applicant’s principal. To begin the process, the applicant merely submits their currently dated Online Internet Bank Statement (Screenshot), Passport and CIS. After successful due diligence, a contract will be released with all terms and conditions for review and signature. The Platform will match their own cash funds against the applicant’s funds at the appropriate trade desk and trade commences. The applicant is not required to instruct their banker to block, hold, deplete or SWIFT their own funds. The funds remains in the applicants account under a "contractual reservation" which states they will not deplete or move the funds during the term of the trade.
TERMS & CONDITIONS (Funds ≥100M) :
The Platform will offer a trade resulting in a ≈ 20% per week (PW) to the applicant after taxes paid. A tax receipt will be provided by the appropriate governing body to this effect. The applicant will be paid weekly and the duration of trade will range from 8 to 40 weeks depending on program availability at the time of submission.
• Profits: The contract will state that the client will receive ≈ 20% net PW for 8 to 40 weeks with all taxes paid within the trade jurisdiction. (IE: 20% PW for 8 to 40 weeks)
• Preferred Trade Value: ≥ USD 100M or greater,…………….
• Bank Requirement: The client must have funds in a Top Rated International Bank in an acceptable jurisdiction (including Top US banks). Applicants with funds in questionable jurisdictions may be required to move funds into a different bank for consideration. Banks in sanctioned countries are not eligible for trade consideration.
Please note: Banks in mainland China are not eligible for this tear sheet program but are eligible for our standard 40 week program.

Required Documentation:
The trade applicant is required to provide the following documents:
1. CIS & Passport
2. Current POF (IE: tearsheet /account statement + Online Internet Bank Statement)

An email will be sent by the platforms representative confirming receipt and the compliance process will take 2-3 banking days.
• Trade Duration: 8 weeks to 40 weeks depending on program availability @ the time of submission.
• Account Restrictions: The applicant is not required to block, hold, deplete or SWIFT.
Please Note: The trader is not required to be added to the account.
• Distribution Schedule: The first distribution will be transferred to the clients profit collection account every Friday.
• Taxes Paid: The client will receive a tax settlement receipt for each weekly payment and funds are 100% discretionary.
• No Projects required: Project funding is encouraged but not required as trade distributions are fully discretionary and classified as free and clear cash (M0).
• Limitations: The applicant’s funds MUST BE on ledger free and clear cash. No off ledger, Heritage or restricted funds are eligible for this program.
• Benefits of the JV with the Trade Platform: The Platform is using their own cash to mirror/match the client's tearsheet value.
Please note: The Platform does not use Credit Lines when matching the funds.
• Board Resolution to appoint Trade Platform as "Paymaster": The client must sign a board resolution, to simply assign the Trade Platform Principal as "designated paymaster for this transaction" since it is their capital and they will disseminate profits accordingly, per contract terms.

1. The Platform is licensed for EU Settlement and can pay to any bank account globally. It does not require monies be paid to the original principal tearsheet account.
2. The Platform is registered with the BIG 5 (IE: IMF, World Bank, Feds, U.N. & BIS)

In general:
submit and after compliance we MAY be able to move to a slightly modified procedure. Without a right cooperation from the owner and or his (mandatory) / lawyer this process requires more patience and has more moving parts. PS. If the applicant / owner isn’t convenient to send the data to: [email protected] then he can send it – on request – to our involved lawyer in / @ FFM.

All other procedures proposed by intermediaries or applicants – owners are not accepted!

Regards, Bouko H. van der Kamp,
Intake & Compliance & DD Officer / Partner.
CC line upon request, through +31 6 26 29 7905

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.
#373339 by Carlabanker Mon Sep 17, 2018 8:23 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

Please see below three Low Cap Trade Programs to be available beginning of September '18

Option 1
Tear sheet / bank statement trade program for applicants with min euro 1M plus, in global EUROPE based banks
1. Minimum entry 1M no maximum
2. No swift, no admin hold, no moving of funds
3. Investors funds have to be in an account in one of the global Europe based banks
4. Returns 55% to client, paid every 10 business days for 40 weeks , 20 payments
5. No project requirement
6. Individual or Corporate entry acceptable
The above trade program will only be available to clients with funds in Europe based banks, tear sheet / bank statement based.

Option 2
Same trade program as above will also be available to applicants with funds outside Europe based banks, the returns will differ and will be 65% per month, with 40 week trade, provided after acceptance client willing to transfer funds to FCA regulated JV / SPV in London, a non- depletion account, with no signatory rights for the JV partner, the FCA regulated firm will do all the leg work- create and register SPV, and open a non- depletion account for the Investor to transfer capital, All pay outs are delivered by paymaster, and client will be provided with all the information prior to transfer of funds , clients funds 100% secure, account within one of the top banks, and profits can be paid anywhere the clients wishes paid by paymaster
The KYC ( Euro Individual & Corporate ) for both the above option's 1& 2 is same and attached, please ensure the applicable document is fully completed without any blanks, any section not applicable with N/A, along with Investors code, initial all pages and where ever required signed in wet blue ink, ( electronic signature not acceptable ) please also attach bank officer business card, with current tear sheet / bank statement with entries. and company registration certificate if corporate entry
Please send fully completed applicable KYC from 7th September onwards along with current tear sheet / bank statement, etc.
Should you require any further clarification / information , please do let me know

Option 3
For client with Min USD / EURO 15M plus in acceptable investment grade bank worldwide
Funds blocked in clients own account , for one year or monthly on revolving cycle possible, but preference of one year provides continuity

Clients blocked funds delivered by either Swift MT199 or MT799
Indicative blocked funds verbiage will be provided once clients funds have been verified

No project required / Corporate Entry only
Returns vary between 30% - 100% per month, depending on account bank and jurisdiction, and will be confirmed upon approval of application, payable every two weeks , with first payment within 14 days of receipt of Swift or hard copy
Trade designated CIS ( short version ) with ATV ( Authority to verify ) required along within current pof, applicants passport copy and bank officer business card.
Clients funds are not required to be moved , and are simply blocked in clients own account in favour of the trade group for one year. Delivery of the blocked funds letter by bank officer email, then follow it up with a swift delivery or hard copy delivery, swift delivery can be via Swift MT 199 / 799

1. Client submits the following documents:
a. Short form Client Information Sheet (CIS). CIS should at a minimum include all corporate details (including) place of incorporation of company, company number, address, passport of signatory, company registration certificate and bank officers business card
b. Proof of funds in the form of a bank statement, portfolio statement or bank letter. Screenshots are acceptable.
c. Authorisation to verify (ATV) funds on account. ATV must include bank officer email. All ATV submissions submitted without a bank email will be rejected with the assumption that the client has no access to a commercial bank officer.
2. Proof of funds check conducted by Trader on a bank to bank basis.
3. Client and Trader execute the Trade Agreement.
4. Client’s bank issues blocked funds letter via bank officer email to Trader’s bank.
5. Trader’s bank officer replies via bank email confirming receipt of the blocked funds letter.
6. Client’s bank either issues a Swift MT199 or MT799 or delivers hard copy of blocked funds letter via bank bonded courier.
7. Payments are then made to the Client’s designed account every two weeks
#375991 by AlanJones Mon Nov 05, 2018 3:09 pm
Poor dumb scammer Bouko H. van der Kamp - [email protected] is still whining on like a little child about being exposed as the lazy useless scammer he is.

He did however provide another one of his fake email addresses [email protected]

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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