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#369586 by Carlabanker Mon Jul 23, 2018 5:06 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

High yield Small cap program - Turn $50K into $5M in less than 12 months . client has full control program based on new technology that has been making people Billionaires and multi millionaires . Contact for full details only if you qualify you must show proof of Funds of minimum $50K before further details will be sent . Program has proof of performance

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#425926 by Carlabanker Tue Jun 08, 2021 2:04 pm
His new scam:

This is a straight forward managed program; with over 70% Monetization of Tear Sheet ( Client only needs to move 25 - 30% to the transacting bank )
- 50K Minimum Trade – test Amount 10K approved.
- Average monthly return: 24% – Returns are subject to Change due to market activity
- Cash Accounts ONLY
- 80% of the Invested Funds guaranteed from loss with a maximum 20% draw down.
- Client opens MAM (managed Asset Managed) Brokerage Trading Account at our broker dealer in clients own name
- We do NOT charge an Asset Management Fee, we split the monthly profit with the client on an 60/40 basis (60% to the client). Consultants are protected and paid by the asset-manager.
- There are no term contracts, client decides how long they stay in trade and can cancel at any time
- Client controls 100% of the trading account as well as 100% of the funds in the account
- Client has online access to the trading account 24/7 to review daily trading activity
- Trading Screen Shots sent to prospective clients to show proof of trade.
- Clients can cancel at any time without penalties
- Client can compound profits for a better return
We provide trading with credit line against tear sheet for clients with minimum 500K , client only deposits 125K and we provide over 80% credit line against tear sheet
Introducing agents can earn residual commission paid from the licensed asset management company.
Looking forward to working with you
We are the Traders so 5% of all commission and if introduces client with 5M or More then get 10% Commission
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