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#376496 by AlanJones Tue Nov 13, 2018 12:19 am
Bank Instruments Scammer -

Spam from LinkedIn:
Swiss Finance Company gives hashtag#opportunity TO hashtag#BUY hashtag#BG/ hashtag#SBLC (TOP 25 rated Banks).
Not a short and friendly procedure but we offer 100% bank issuing performance and a clear roadmap on time, steps and costs.
Please note this is a procedure suitable for experienced real Buyer, contacts through Buyer’s financial advisor or lawyer are most welcome.
If you are committed to success about your SBLC purchasing please contact: [email protected]

From the fake website
152-160 City Road
London ECIV 2NX
United Kingdom
+44 20 8144 1216
[email protected]

For more than ten years, IFA is bringing value for infrastructure projects and Major projects successfully combining professional and organizational skills guided by business ethics that is applied to all the choices relating to projects, collaborators and selection of business partners. IFA’s Managing Director is an economist, international Infrastructure Finance Adviser and Public Private Partnership expert specialized in development of infrastructure projects on Project Finance basis. IFA is the principal Infrastructure Finance partner for several international projects, its engagement including of carrying out the structuring of Bond Programs and other structured finance tools. Our people are Senior Associates & Consulting Experts for project finance structuring and Partner Consultants with focus on infrastructure development, implementation and investment. It forged strong relationship with financiers and international banking world to handle the development of every project and business initiative regarding financial support.

From the WhoIs for
Creation Date: 2018-06-05T16:34:47
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2020-06-05T16:34:47

Registrant Name: Private Whois
Registrant Organization: Knock Knock WHOIS Not There, LLC

There is a company called "IFA INFRA FINANCE ADVISORS INTL LIMITED", which was registered on 5th June 2018, but there is no FCA registration and their website is illegal under UK & EU law.

Their claimed address is a virtual office/mailbox service, they are not located there.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

#412113 by Carlabanker Sun Jun 14, 2020 10:56 am
His new scam:

Private Placement (Buy-Sell program) can be arranged in Zurigo – MIN 100M (Cash) – MIN 150M (SBLC)

Trader meets the clients in the trading bank.

Usually the client already has a corporate account in Switzerland and the account must be credited with either cash or an instrument such as a fully cash backed SBLC naming the client as beneficiary.

Trading is conducted internally to the bank with full bank responsibility and trading is perfectly safe and on a non depleting basis.

While it is not essential for the client to have funds in a bank which has a branch in Zurich, it is always better. For example, if your client has cash funds outside Switzerland, such as in London, in Julius Baer, or HSBC, Barclays, Credit Suisse ( or other banks ) in each of these instances there is a full branch in Zurich or Geneva. In those circumstances trader will make arrangements for the trading to take place in the Zurich branch of that bank. (Eg: HSBC London - HSBC Private Bank (Suisse) SA Zurich.)

Simply send us email at [email protected] to go for futher details.
#422969 by Carlabanker Mon Feb 01, 2021 10:01 am
His new scam:

Investment Size

USD25m to USD100m.

Historical Monthly Returns

USD25m to USD50m = 25% per 30-day cycle.

USD50m to USD100m = 70% per 30-day cycle.

USD100m + = 100% per 30-day cycle.

For purposes of calculation the gross amount of the investment is multiplied by 70% and that amount is the trading amount. Thus to reach a trading amount of USD100m requires an investment amount of $144m.

Compounding / Reinvesting returns

The returns can be partially or totally withdrawn each cycle, and the reinvested balance compounded in the next cycle. Whatever the cumulative account balance at beginning of the cycle, it will be traded. Trade profits are distributed at the end of each 30-day cycle. There is no “project” requirement.

Investor Funds Pledge

The Investor will need to organize in conjunction with the Trade Platform the form of security arrangement of the Investor’s funds, which will still ensure the funds remain under the control of the Investor.

Investor Bank Requirement

Top 50 world class bank in one of following venues: Australia, Canada, EU, Hong Kong, Japan, Switzerland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, UK, or USA.


1. The investor is free to speak with the Trade Platform Intake Officer prior to submission of KYC.
2. To start the process, the Investor must provide their CIS and a passport copy. Followed by a Conference Call with the Platform’s representative before they provide a good POF.
3. Submission of KYC for either a corporation or an individual.
4. Bank Comfort Letter (BCL) that is no older than 24 hours when submitted to the Intake Officer.
5. On approval of KYC the Trade Platform will issue Trade Contract.
6. Once the KYC has been approved and background checks completed a start date for trade will be agreed.

Other Features

1. Funds stay in the investor’s bank account throughout the trade.
2. Monthly returns are guaranteed in the Trade Contract.
3. The trade platform uses its own line of credit for the trade program, and the Investor’s funds remain in their own Bank under an “Administrative Hold”.
4. The trade is with DBS Singapore.

Time Frame

From the submittal of the KYC to going into trade usually three to four weeks but can be as little as two weeks.

Graziano Nigro
152-160 City Road,
London, EC1V 2NX
United Kingdom
+44 20 8144 1216 (landline)
[email protected]

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