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#377476 by Carlabanker Thu Nov 29, 2018 6:36 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

Please find general parameters for a current small cap program available:

Small Cap Trade 1M+ Ping Program


No Moving of Funds Required

No Blocking of Funds

No SWIFT Required

No Adding Trader to the Account

No Instruments required

No Project Required

Requirements and payouts

1M to 99M USD equivalent cash only deposited in a top-rated bank in the US, Europe or Asia, no Bank of China

Any main international currency is accepted

Must be liquid, on ledger funds not currently blocked

Pays 100% per month net to client paid bi-weekly for 40 weeks

Account will be electronically pinged daily

Items needed to start:

Current Dated KYC (CIS acceptable initially for speed of submission at this point)

Proof of Funds: Either a Tear Sheet or a Bank Statement

Bank Officer Business Card


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