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#380887 by Troy Platt Thu Jan 31, 2019 8:57 am
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2019 06:01:43 +0000 (UTC)
From: Bruce Smith <[email protected]>
Subject: Plan for 2019 –it could be the best year yet -Again, just to help, here is what I can do

Plan for 2019 –it could be the best year yet -Again, just to help, here is what I can do

We corresponded last year. Let me reiterate

1 Though our associated paymaster, we are fiscal reorganizers. We can handle most currency situations and ultimately, we can place any amount into a bank earning 50% per year. No one else does that. (But please no historical funds, fake paper, skr, copper cathodes, or assets. And none of these discounted USD Euro rubbish please, this is for real people with real money!) .

2 We can provide SBLC support for real projects, but the party proposing the project must have some equity in the project, sufficient funds to meet the loan expenses, and the project must be good as clearly the proponent couldn’t get the funds from a local bank so our people will look at it very closely.

3 We have access to forensic accountants who make projects bankable. They can complete the business plan etc so the project funding can proceed. Again, they don’t do it for nothing!

4 We are associated with a FX Signals business; if you trade FX it is an essential. I can put you in touch.

5 We are associated with a Paymaster service, who can handle your commissions etc. The Paymaster is looking for national representatives who have good banking contacts, can open accounts as required and accept payments as required. Let me know if you want an introduction.

6 We are also engaged with a real trader, he trades my portfolio. But this is real trading, not the mystical MTN business or buy and sell SBLC (ha ha). Real trading in real trading accounts. Good returns and it is your account. He is seeking regional representatives.

And for those wanting to know my background, it is banking, for most of my life. I do understand this market. My trading friends pay me an introduction fee, so that is how I live.

Small caps – from time to time a trader calls me with some small caps, 25k to 50k. They produce 100% per month but don’t come by very often. I cannot count the number of people who applied but didn’t have the funds, or wanted to use assets or other such things.

Let me know if I can assist. I am happy to advise, within reason, if you have a deal that needs clarification.

Bruce Smith

Barings Wealth Consultants.

Bruce Smith

Barings Wealth Management

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