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#382773 by Carlabanker Thu Mar 14, 2019 3:36 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.


1. Minimum entry is $1m or Euro equivalent. Maximum $5B.
2. No moving funds, no swift, no admin hold. Fund stay in investor bank account.
3. No upfront fees or back end fees of any kind.
4. 5 days bullet trade + 40 weeks trade program.
Step 1: 5 days bullet at 100%per day for 5 consecutive
days.(eg: $ 1m returns $5m plus original $1m=$6m)
Step 2: 40-weeks trade at with new principal from bullet at
Gross 100% per month.
5. Accept Major Bank accounts in Most Countries.
6. Client Account is monitored through Tear Sheets.When
account balance drops below the committed amount, the
trade stop and no profit payout.
7.Payout on monthly basis to client bank choice.
8. Gross profit is 100%, net 90%.10% payout to introducers.
9. Program strictly by invitation only.Application to introduce.
- KYC package,sign in wet blue ink.
- Bank tear sheets POF current dated,less than 48 hours
- Copy of 2 bank officers' business card.

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