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Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

Programme Overview:
Bullet + 40 Week Trade Minimum: 1M USD or equivalent, Max: 5B USD or equivalent
Step one: 5-day bullet at 100% per day for 5 consecutive days +
Step two: 40-week trade at Gross 100% per month with increased amount from the bullet.
(The combined effect can be roughly the equivalent of getting over 500% per month on original principal.)
• All Major Banks in Most Countries – other banks on an individual basis. • No SWIFT. • No Administrative Hold; No moving of funds.
Client account is monitored through Tear Sheets. The client is only required to maintain committed account balance.
If the account balance drops below the committed amount, the trade will immediately stop and no additional profits will be paid.

Profits: 100% per day for 5 days = 500% gross return to the client.
This payment will be compounded to the trading basis.
Then the new greater compounded amount will enter a 40-week program where the client will get 100% per month gross (80% after deduction of payments to consultants).
Procedures: Clients wishing to use this program are requested to prepare and submit the following:
1. Letter of Request (LOR) on client letterhead – see attached
2. KYC Compliance Package, hand signed in blue ink – see enclosed
3. Passport colour copy of Signatory (PP)
4. Currently dated (max 48 hours) Tear Sheet for Proof of Funds (POF).
5. Copies of two bank officers’ business cards.
Submit all the above documents as an e-mail attachment in PDF, WORD or DOC format in one complete package.
Do not send in single, separate pages. All docs must be in English.
Attachments should be no larger than 10MB. Send in more than one e-mail as Part 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3 etc. if necessary!
Consultants Those who refer clients should send a Consultant Genealogy List (CGL) with names of those who have done work and are entitled to share in the commission as a separate attachment.

In addition, Investor will enter a direct Irrevocable Pay Order / Master Fee Protection Agreement (IFPA) with the involved consultants bringing forward investor covering a payment position of 4% of Investors pay out.
Compliance normally takes around 3-5 business days. Once cleared, client contact is made, and a trade contract will be sent to him/her.
Estimated time from submission to trade is 2 weeks. Please see the enclosed “REQUIREMENTS FOR COMPLETION OF KYC DOCUMENTS” for further information. The requirements must be strictly followed, with high quality copies.

Program is by invitation only and subject to change without notice.

Appreciate your attention
Agradezco tu atención
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Phone or WhatsApp +51-999910073.
[email protected]

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Other scam:

Micro Cap: Leveraged Private Placement Investment Program

Investment Range is USD $250,000 to $30,000,000.

Capital (USD) 45 to 60 Days Bonus
$250,000 $1,500,000 2.5% of 10% trader commission
$500,000 $2,000,000 5.0% of 10% trader commission
$750,000 $2,500,000 7.5% of 10% trader commission
$1,000,000 $3,000,000 % to be agreed upon
… …. ….

Micro Cap: Sample 2 Million to Raise 64 million USD

Date Investment Gross Completion 2-Tranches
JAN $2,000,000. $6,000,000. $4,000,000. ........00
MAR-X2 $4,000,000 $12,000,000 $8,000,000 $16,000,000
MAY-X2$16,000,000$48,000,000$32,000,000 $64,000,000


• Investor to submit executive summary of project to be
funded (if applicable)
• Investor to submit CIS
• Investor to provide a color copy of Passport
• Investor to provide Proof of Funds

On receipt of above:

• Asset Manager to run compliance on Investor
• Asset Manager to contact Investor direct to discuss
going forward procedures
• Asset Manager to issue contract
• Investor to countersign contract
• Asset Manager to provide commission agreement for
• Investor to provide capital as agreed
• Asset Manager to pay profits to Investor as agreed
• Asset Manager to pay commissions to intermediaries
as agreed


The maximum commission to be charged is 5% of profits paid to the investor. For larger deals, the Asset Manager and Investor may reduce this rate of commission as is appropriate.

Commission Splits for Intermediaries

There are three boxes for commissions.

1. 1/3 to platform compliance team
2. 1/3 to International Director Team
3. 1/3 to Intermediaries that brings the Investor to the

Communication with Investor

If you are an intermediary, mandate, translator or POA submitting a file, you must still provide direct contact information for the investor. If we cannot speak directly and email directly with the investor, we cannot work the file.

The information for communication we need are some combination of the following:

• Direct investor email address
• Direct Investor Phone Number
• Direct Investor Skype Address
• Direct Investor WhatsApp number

Security of Capital and Guaranteed Returns

The investor funds are never at risk. The Returns are Guaranteed as per the terms of the contracts to be issued.

Questions and Concerns

Please send the basic compliance package via email first and any further questions or concerns will be addressed directly by the Asset Manager/Platform Owner after completing compliance. Excessive pre-questions are simply a waste of everyone’s time so please hold your questions until after the Asset Manager/Platform Owner has completed compliance. The Asset Manager/Platform Owner will address all questions and concerns directly with the Investor.

Sample Forms

• CIS – only form required for Small Cap (enclosed)
• KYC – form required for Large Cap (enclosed)

Large Cap Inquiries

If your investor has more funds than USD 30,000,000, please let me know and I will provide a KYC package for their completion. Large Cap Programs come in many different variations so again the best course of action is to submit a KYC package with CIS, Passport, and Proof of Funds

Real Platform, Real Trader – No Joker Broker BS!

There has been a proliferation of brokers on the internet who have promised investors completely unrealistic returns on their capital. For example we have seen daily returns on large capital programs that range from 100% per week to some that are even 100% per day. This is complete nonsense and any investor or intermediary who actually believes these offers really needs to have their heads checked.

Realistically, the rate of return on large cap files ranges from 50% to 150% per month. There are many variables that determine the actual rate of return for any given investor. The bottom line is you are now dealing with a real trader and a real platform. This trader will share the profits he generates on a 50/50 basis with the investor. The profits generated will be determined by a number of factors including, but not limited to:

• Investor profile including risk tolerance, and
investment objectives
• The bank the funds are in
• The relationship between the bank that the funds are
in and the traders bank
• The time frame in question
• And many other factors

El curso de acción más inteligente de los archivos de Large Cap (100 millones +) es enviar su paquete de cumplimiento y luego hablar directamente con el Administrador de Activos, el propietario de la Plataforma de Comercio y el Operador. ¡De hecho, obtendrá información real y honesta en lugar de un puñado de agentes de poppycock!

Remainder of Page Left Intentionally Blank


Client Name (Signatory)
Passport Number/DL
Passport/DL Issue Date
Passport/DL Expiration Date
Date and Place of Birth
Home Address
Home Telephone Number
Home Fax Number
Mobile Telephone Number
Email Address

Business Name
Business Address
Registration Number
Country/State of Incorporation
Business Telephone Number
Business Fax Number

Bank Name
Bank Address
Account Number
Account Name
Routing/ABA Number
Bank Telephone Number
Bank Fax Number
Bank Officer



Remainder of Page Left Intentionally Blank

Large Cap KYC

This form is available upon request – please send your request with an indication of whether the funds are owned by a person or a company and the appropriate form will be provided.


All of the above information is for informational purposes only and may be subject to change and or withdrawal without notice. Until you have a signed contract from the Platform Owner, you will not have any binding information based on which to take action!

Response by E-mail Only

The information on this page is in no way relying upon or relating to the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended or related regulations and does not involve the sale of securities. We are not acting in the capacity of a Securities & Exchange Commission broker/dealer or investment advisor. The information herein is not intended for the purpose of buying, selling, trading, recommending securities or offering counsel or advice with respect to any such activities. We hereby declare that we are not licensed brokers or government employees and that this information is of a private nature and is deemed exempt from the Securities Act it is not intended for the general public and all materials are for your "PRIVATE USE ONLY". Consultants are NOT Advisors of any kind. We are Business Consultants providing business information to private individuals and private companies. Please note, that in providing project finance related services, we are not in any way acting as legal, tax and or other professional advisers, or giving legal, tax or other professional advice. We strongly recommend, that project finance applicants obtain independent legal or tax advice, as appropriate from a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered Accountant (CA), Attorney-at-Law, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or other licensed professional as regulated by your State or Country.
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Plataforma Internacional

• Major Banks
• 1M on up
• 1M to 10M will be tear-sheet program. Client must be willing to supply updated tear-sheet when requested
• Funds above 10M will require MT799/760 block
Program: First two weeks will be 500% return then rollover to 40 week trade at 100% per week. Platform can offer different trades depending on client and other trades that are available at the time of submission.
• Platform takes care of humanitarian requirements.
• Net 70% to client
• 2.5% available to intermediaries paid by platform.
• Please provide genealogy
Required documents for submittal:
1) CIS and Passport of client
2) Current tear-sheet
3) CIS and Passport of representative or person direct to client. MUST BE DIRECT.
Client must be ready and willing to update and notarize submittal documents as requested by the platform.

+51 999 910 073

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