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Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.


Leased SBLC at 10% used to generate the returns

Issuing Bank HSBC, Barclays, Standard Charter

Monetizer pays the Lease Fees

Face Value of instrument 100 Million

Entry level is 100K Euro to cover Admin and Transmission Fees

Monetization at 20% net in 15 Business Days

1% Advance on monetization

Monetized on a Non-Recourse basis

Entry into 40 week program after monetization

POF to show transmission fees only


The objective of this program is to fund Humanitarian Projects hence a JV agreement will be in place.

The client will have the opportunity to enter long term programs for up to Five years.

The Funds are paid into a trust account and only released to the provider after the MT799 pre advice is issued.

The instrument will be received by the Monetizers bank who will Issue a MT799 RWA/BPU

The Monetizer will pay the Lease fees direct to the provider.

Documents Required
Passport Copy
Proof of funds to pay the Contract and Swift Fees (100k Euro)

Entry 100K
Face Value 100M
1% Advance 1M
20% Monetization 20M
Minimum Monthly return to Client 20M


The “Net Monthly Return” is paid after all costs, bank and Lease fees and funds for project funding.

The advance will be paid within 15 days of the MT760

The future payouts will be made bi-weekly i.e 50% of the Monthly Net

-Lease of SBLC in the amount of 100M Euro.

-An LTV of 20% (Twenty percent) of the Face Value of the Instrument after all Lease Fees, Admin Charges and Monetizers Fees are deducted.

-Minimum required investment is 100K Euro for 100M SBLC.

-JV Agreement for humanitarian Project Funding.


1) Client submits Client Information Sheet, Passport copy and a Proof of Funds (POF) for 100K Euro.

2) The client receives the counter signed JV Agreement with the CIS and Passport copy of the Program manager.

3) The client transfers the 100K Euro to the trust account.

4) The issuing bank sends the MT799 Pre-advise to the Monetizers.

5) The Monetizers Bank Replies with MT799 RWA/BPU

6) The Issuing bank sends the BG/SBLC via MT760.

7) Within 10 Banking days the client receives the 1% Advance

8) Within the next 10 Days the client receives the first payout from the trade


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Cash Funds Only

Type: Swift MT-799 and Swift MT-MT-760
Minimum: 100 M (Hundred MILLION) USD/EURO
Term: Bullet 3 rounds / Then long 40 weeks
Clients Bank: Top 100

First BULLET for 10 days and up to 1200%.
Second BULLET for 10 days and up to 1200%.
Third BULLET for 30 days and up to 1200%.

3 Bullet + 40 Weeks program

Client has to submit:
1. KYC sign by wet signature with blue ink.
2. The Bank Statement sign by two the bankers by wet signature with blue ink and stamp. And with both bankers PIN/ID.
3. The Bank RWA sign by two the bankers by wet signature with blue ink and stamp. And with both bankers PIN/ID.
4. Two banker's card.

* Limited clients only


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