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#389967 by Ross Mammino Wed Jun 26, 2019 8:08 am
Anyone else been scammed by Goldman, Sutton & Partners.
This is a scam. Singapore's financial regulatory authority has no such broker as Goldman Sutton & Partners listed on their register. The Singapore government doesn't even have them registered as a business entity for tax purposes.
This is a boilerroom investment fraud. That's when a foreign broker makes unsolicited contact with you and seduces you into investing in what he says will be a lucrative deal. You end up with nothing and they run off with your money.
You don't get your money back. And unfortunately, you're unlikely to be able to find them to sue them since no such company really exists.
Don't invest with foreign cold callers and always look for the AFSL. Then you'd be able to recover your money if anything improper went on.

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