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Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.


- Major Banks Only
- 1M and up
- 1M to 10M will be tear-sheet program. Client must be willing to supply
updated tear-sheet when requested
- Funds above 10M will require Swift MT799/760 block

Program: First two weeks will be 500% return then rollover to 40 week trade at

XX% per week. (Weekly percentage determined by trader and indicated in the contract)

Platform can offer different trades depending on client and other trades that are available at the time of submission.

- Platform takes care of humanitarian requirements.
- Net amount to client can be up to 70% week over the 40 week period.
- 2.5% available to intermediaries paid by platform.
- Please provide genealogy

Documents for submission:

1) CIS and Passport of the client
2) Current Bank Tear-Sheet <48 hrs old

Client must be ready and willing to update and notarize submission documents as requested by the trade platform.

Maximilien Hamilton

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