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26 July 2019

Official RBS is * so is at the end not the start with scam helper site ending *

online rbs < [email protected] >

For your kind attention......
Thursday, July 25, 2019'

For your kind Attention MR...RUSTY MAN' and Necessary Action instructions occasionally a vendor may require payment through a method other than a check these methods include wire transfers and Bank drafts Check these types of Payments are often used when paying foreign currency a wire Transfer Funds from Royal bank wire Transfer can be made by Dollars or pounds or Euros either Any Foreign Banks currency' Note for security purpose to Secure our bank ' However before our bank will do any business Transaction with you concerning your Request we will like you to send to us the following' (1) A power of Attorney permitting you to claim and Transfer the funds to your Bank Account' However to inform you that i have been directed by the director of Royal bank of Scotland wire Transfer Operation to write you in respect of your mail request of Transfer' We wish to inform you that we received your mail and to let you know that According to our bank procedure policy adopted to enable us to carried out our official bank duties which is needful before the transfer will be effect to your account' Note you are expected to abide by the bank principles for us to finalize the transfer accordinly' We advise you to act fast by providing the required documents POWER OF ATTORNEY from a Senegalese Lawyer-- to enable us carried out the Transfer accordinly' We believe that Miss grace your partner can help you get a Senegalese lawyer for the needed Document We are ready to transfer the funds into your account the moment we receive the needed document' We promise to render the best quality services to our customer service' and also you are welcome to royal bank PLC london.......

Managing Director
directives clarificationsYours
Faithfully,James vaccar
bank head Office'

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