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Subject: Attention Director CEO,

Attention Director CEO,

I'm Barrister Eric Ojukwu, a lawyer in Cotonou, Benin Republic.
Late Mr. David Joerg, a gold merchant who was my client, died as a result of lung cancer without a will, now I want to present your name to late Mr. Joerg, bank so that money left behind by late Mr. Joerg, can be transferred into your account through my help.

The amount of US$ 18.5 million deposited in a local bank here, by late Mr. Joerg before his death on November 23, 2012, I need your information so that I can show you the bank as next of kin to Late Mr. Joerg for further process.

Please provide name and full address, your age, profession and position, address and mobile number for contact purposes.

Thank you kindly.

Barrister Eric Ojukwu.

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