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From: Frank Ngor Roberts <[email protected]>
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We are an Investment Funding Broker/Advisory Company based in Netherlands, scouting for viable projects and business investments to be funded by Capital Investors in Kuwait /Malaysia / Oman/ Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirate UAE, for Joint Venture Project & Investment funding / Project Loan Program.

The Portfolio and Loan/Equities Facilitators Netherlands is offering a Joint Venture (JV) Project & Investment Funding Program to diversify their investments with partners seeking project funding as non-recourse for a qualified project(s) for one tranche or multiple draw downs with a large contract and multiple or series of tranches.

The Portfolio and Loan/Equities Facilitators Netherlands can approve a project funding from USD $500 Thousand to USD $500 Million depending on the nature and viability of the Business, Investment or Project.

We are currently interested in funding viable Businesses, Investments or Projects in the following areas of interest:

* Starting up a Franchise

* Business Acquisition

* Business Expansion

* Capital / Infrastructural Project

* Commercial Real Estate purchase

* Contract Execution

* Trade Financing

We are open to having a good business relationship with you. If you have a valid business, investment or project to fund, please provide us with the business plan, executive summary, financial information etc for assessment and review.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for possible business co-operation If you are interested.

Best Regards,
Frank Roberts
Real Estate/ Business Consultant.

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