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Subject: From Mr Fenners Luis

Good day Sir/Madam

Have You Had About LAVITA RICCA INTERNATIONAL, Am Not Talking About
Microsoft payment Or Ponzi SCHEME ( PS ).

Lavita Ricca Is A Matrix System Which GiveYou DOUBLE Of Your CAPITAL
Back In 96 hours which is 4 working days After Your Registration Is Successful.


Donate $1,000 To Earn 2,000
Donate $1,500 To Earn 3,000
Donate $2,000 To Earn 4,000
Donate $2,500 To Earn 5,000
Donate $3,000 To Earn 6,000
Donate $4,000 To Earn 8,000
Donate $5,000 To Earn 10,000
Donate $6,000 To Earn 12,000
Donate $7,000 To Earn 14,000
Donate $8,000 To Earn 16,000
Donate $9,000 To Earn 18,000
Donate $10,000 To Earn 20,000

NOTE: we Credit Your Account After 96 hours of Registeration.

Send email to Dr, Kevin John. With your payment slip.

[email protected] who is the direct account creditor.

Lavita Ricca International Was Registered Under IMF The Corporate
Affair United Nations UN, And Also It Has Been Approved By The World
Bank ( WB ).


We Trade With Hard Currency Here Like Bitcoin We Make 3 Tripple Of
Your Donation And Send You Two Part And We Benefit One Part,For Example
If You Invest With $2,000 Within 96 hours We Make Profit Of 4,000
Then Send $3,500 To You Then Profit Of $500 Is For The Lavita Ricca
International Platform This Is Not Microsoft payments Where They Merge
People To Donate For Each Other
You Pay Directly To Us And We Credit You Directly.

Thanks for your understanding.

Mr Fenners Luis

Google is your friend!

Every email I've posted is a scam. Contacting the email addresses associated with my posts may lead to a loss of money for you. Do not let the scammers know they are posted here!

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