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From: FESI-EUROPE <[email protected]>
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Subject: FESI HELP

The European Structural and Investment Fund (FESI) is an organisation made available to each Member State by the European Union for the development of regions in Europe. Complementing other public and private funding, these funds make it possible to finance projects for the benefit of people with all kinds of projects to guarantee economic stability.

These non-repayable funds are granted in the areas identified, namely
- Reconstruction of houses or purchases.
- Trade (need a push)
- Opening or development of a company.
- Agriculture
- Education
- Assistance to people in situations of ageing, illness and/or disability.
- and more...

The said funding ranges from 20,000 $ to 100,000 $ and more depending on the needs of the project.

By remaining at your disposal

FESI (European Structural and Investment Fund)
Head office: 10 rue du Général Foy 75008 Paris

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